Our Story

The urge to create ECAT emerged from an utter frustration with doing audits on paper and then our amazement that we couldn’t find a technology solution to fit our needs. When Colm and I talked to others about their experience with auditing technology, they echoed our frustrations.

The consensus was that technology wasn’t enabling people to easily and quickly create, edit, roll out and manage their own audits. Solutions tended to be either specialist and rigid or general and unintelligent. Auditors found they had to amend their processes to fit the technology rather than the other way around and were still leaning heavily on either internal or external IT people. Most felt technology should do more of the work, e.g. once an anomaly was recorded that the system would automatically and immediately respond and create all required tasks, assignments and notifications. Some were even using dedicated hardware to record audits which seemed ridiculous when they already had smartphones and tablets.

To manage large organisations we certainly need heavy duty software solutions such as ERP’s and CRM platforms, but, we don’t need heavy weight technology for audits. What we need is a flexible, intelligent, mobile solution that enables us to better manage auditing; without IT people.

Our purpose in the beginning, today, and for the next 30 years is to make it easy and feasible for organizations, using mobile technology, to get an instant, accurate and complete picture of the state or status of anything so that they can better manage their operation.

Today, we’re delighted that ECAT is doing exactly this, around the globe, at 1,000’s of locations, for a myriad of industries.

Meet the ECAT Team

Francis Lyons

Co-Founder & CEO

Francis likes to talk about potatoes. With Largo Foods he helped convert millions of spuds into billions of crisps. Over a 17 year period Francis moved up to ranks in the organisation and ultimately played a key role and helped develop the company to a €100million+ operation and now the largest manufacturer and distributor of snack-foods in Ireland. Around 2010 a conversation about the trials and tribulations of auditing with his friend Colm lead to a deep investigation of the sector and a year later the formation of ECAT. Today Francis introduces organisations to an easier, faster, better approach to auditing and also oversees the overall development of the ECAT organisation.

Colm O’ Neill

Co-Founder & CTO

Colm likes to keep things clean. For 15 years Colm founded and ran a variety of cleaning companies, everything from a specialist cleaning and decontamination service for high risk environments to crime scene clean up to aeroplanes. For another 8 years he specialised in training and consulting in the areas of Auditing, Hygiene & Infection Control Practices, Health & Safety and Advanced Cleaning & Decontamination. Colm has a massive depth of knowledge in both enterprise auditing and advanced cleaning. Colm has BSc in Computer Science and a Post Grad Diploma in Safety & Health. Colm’s academic research has focused on hygiene and infection control auditing practices in the healthcare environment. In 2010, with his friend Francis, he founded ECAT. Today he introduces organisations to an easier, faster, better approach to auditing and also oversees the development of the ECAT technology.

Paul O' Neill

Financial Controller

A Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Paul has been working as an accountant since 1993. Paul has a wide range of experience managing the finance function for a range of domestic and international company’s operating in a variety of industries.

Michael Ledwith

Technical Account Manager

Helping to ensure you enjoy a seamless, smooth transition to ECAT. Michael works directly with our clients, demonstrating the solution, gathering requirements, helping with implementation and providing training.

Mikin Oza

Technical & Project Lead

Conducting an orchestra of brilliant software developers to enable us to do what we do. Mikin manages the ECAT development team. Guiding, supporting and leading the team to visualise and deliver an exceptional web based solution.

Hemant Patel

Senior Software Engineer

Hemant specialises in mobile application development. At ECAT he is primarily responsible for planning, developing and maintaining our Android and IOS applications.

Ankit Chande

Senior Software Engineer

Ankit specialises in user interface design. He helps plan, scope, implement and maintain ongoing advancements in the ECAT platform.

Hazel Furlong

Finance & Administration

Hazel, a qualified ACCA account technician (CAT) and a qualified tax technician with The Irish Taxation Institute, manages ECAT’s finance and admin operation.