Services Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) or Terms of Use (“Terms”) outlines acceptable uses of ECAT services (“Services”). By using this website or our services you agree that you understand, accept and agree to these Terms. This Policy is in addition to any other terms and conditions under which ECAT provides the Services to you. This AUP prohibits uses and activities involving the Services that are illegal, infringe the rights of others, or interfere with or diminish the use and enjoyment of the Services by others. The examples listed in this Policy are not exhaustive. Prohibited uses and activities include, without limitation, any use of the Services in a manner that, in ECAT’s reasonable judgment, involves, facilitates, or attempts any of the following:

Conduct and Information Restrictions

  • Undertake or accomplish any unlawful purpose, violate any law of, or commit conduct that is tortuous or unlawful in, any applicable jurisdiction. This includes, but is not limited to, posting, storing, transmitting or disseminating information, data or material which is libelous, obscene, unlawful, threatening or defamatory, or which infringes the intellectual property rights of any person or entity, or which in any way constitutes or encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, or otherwise violate any law, order, or regulation in the jurisdictions where we operate;
  • Upload, post, publish, transmit, reproduce, create derivative works of, or distribute in any way information, software or other material obtained through the Services or otherwise that is protected by copyright or other proprietary right, without obtaining any required permission of the owner;
  • All materials posted on this site are subject to copyrights owned by the ECAT or other individuals or entities. Any reproduction, retransmission, or republication of all or part of any document found on this site is expressly prohibited, unless ECAT or the copyright owner of the material has expressly granted its prior written consent to so reproduce, retransmit or republish the material. All other rights are reserved.
  • The names, trademarks, service marks and logos of ECAT appearing on this site may not be used in any advertising or publicity, or otherwise to indicate ECAT’s sponsorship of or affiliation with any product or service, without ECAT prior express written permission. Although the ECAT website may include links providing direct access to other Internet sites, ECAT takes no responsibility for the content or information contained on those other sites, and does not exert any editorial or other control over those other sites.

Technical Restrictions

  • Obtain unauthorized access to any system, network, service, or account;
  • Access any other person’s computer or computer system, network, software, or data without his or her knowledge and consent; breach the security of another user or system; or attempt to circumvent the user authentication or security of any host, network, or account. This includes, but is not limited to, accessing data not intended for you, logging into or making use of a server or account you are not expressly authorized to access, or probing the security of other hosts, networks, or accounts without express permission to do so;
  • Use or distribute tools or devices designed or used for compromising security or whose use is otherwise unauthorized, such as password guessing programs, decoders, password gatherers, keystroke loggers, analyzers, cracking tools, packet sniffers, encryption circumvention devices, or Trojan Horse programs. Unauthorized port scanning is strictly prohibited;
  • Copy, distribute, or sublicense any proprietary software provided in connection with the Services by ECAT;
  • Alter, modify, or tamper with the Services or permit any other person to do the same who is not authorized by ECAT;

Network and Usage Restrictions

  • Restrict, inhibit, or otherwise interfere with the ability of any other entity, to use or enjoy the Services;
  • Restrict, inhibit, interfere with, or otherwise disrupt or cause a performance degradation to the Services;

ECAT reserves the right to notify its customers of any information that affects the security of its services and to update or change these terms of use at any time. Such changes will be posted without notice on our website or sent by email.

We may report any activity that we suspect violates any law or regulation to appropriate law enforcement officials, regulators, or other appropriate third parties. Our reporting may include disclosing appropriate customer information. We also may cooperate with appropriate law enforcement agencies, regulators, or other appropriate third parties to help with the investigation and prosecution of illegal conduct by providing network and systems information related to alleged violations of this Policy.

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