Smarter Hygiene Auditing – Greater Visibility, Faster Action, Better Protection

ECAT is being used in Facilities Management, Food Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics and many other sectors to help increase hygiene standards and maintain compliance. 600+ paper based hygiene audits moved to digital and thousands of new hygiene audits performed each week by our clients AIB Bank, London School of Economics, Beaumont Hospital Dublin, St. Vincent’s Hospital Dublin, O’Brien’s Fine Foods, Queens University Belfast, Tesco and Cadburys.

See how GBM use ECAT for smarter H&S auditing.

Food Handling

Smarter Health & Safety Auditing – Faster Auditing, Fewer Incidents, Faster Resolutions

ECAT helps health and safety managers sleep more soundly at night. Nothing lost on paper, real time more detailed, more accurate information so fewer surprises and better compliance. More protection for staff, customers and the business. When an issue, low score, or concern is recorded, ECAT automatically acts based on predetermined rules and takes care of all task assignments and notifications, all the relevant people receive emails with photographic evidence, time stamps, signatures and more.

See how Tesco use ECAT for smarter H&S auditing.


Smarter Pest Control Auditing – The Bugs don’t Stand a Chance

We have developed ECAT Pest Control to specifically serve the needs of organisations with significant pest auditing requirements. The solution is based on the ECAT platform and provides features, functionality and management controls which are tailored to pest control auditing. For example you can record and report on tolerances against insect and rodent bait points, EFKs and Moth Traps.

Pest Control

Smarter Security Auditing – Protection to the Power of ECAT

Regent Security’s personnel create a detailed record of every single patrol. Using their phones and the ECAT app they record GPS co-ordinates, scan barcodes, type in comments, snap pictures and more. All routine, all easy. Then, if they have a concern or an incident to report, with a few clicks they can have a detailed report released in seconds. ECAT automatically acts based on Regent’s predetermined actions and takes care of all task assignments and notifications; all the relevant people receive emails with photographic evidence, time stamps, signatures and more.


Smarter GMP Auditing – Naturally Increasing Standards

The ECAT platform is being widely used to help with faster, more accurate, more actionable Good Manufacturing Practice audits. ECAT is enabling quality and production teams to digitise all GMP audits and reduce auditing time by up to 70%. No special equipment required. No paper. No post audit data entry. Click, click, click, tap in some details, snap a few photos and they’re done. ECAT takes care of the rest. Tasks are assigned, notifications sent and reports prepared.

See how Largo Foods use ECAT for smarter GMP auditing. 


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