How Can Distribution Centers Earn ‘A’ Grade with Audits?

  • Posted: 4 years ago
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Managing a distribution center is nothing short of riding a rollercoaster. DCs today exist in a fast paced environment where managers deal with the never-ending task of having to meet ever-changing demands. Facility operations must continuously perform at the peak of its potential; otherwise it could be the ‘end of the ride’ for some establishments.

How Leading Facilities Land Safe?

It is all about their ‘second to none’ management of supply chain, procurement, warehousing, and distribution. Moreover, the team’s commitment to delivering the right products to retailers or customers, a keen eye on quality, quantity and timely delivery at acceptable cost, separates them from others.

So, how do leading distribution centers make it possible? What is the key to their exponential growth?

Technology-Driven Operational Audit

Most distribution centers don’t realize that their audit and validation processes are living in the past. Auditors need to see their current internal audit function to provide proactive advice for avoiding non-conformities in the process. Industry leaders never ‘cry over the spilled milk’ as they utilize robust cloud-based audit software solutions. The paperless operational walk through while auditing allows the entire distribution system to work in a fair, open and honest way.


Audit automation is the way to Measure Performance

Measurement is the key to improvement. Achievements are the result of collaborative efforts from every department and individual. Software-based audits provide facility managers with a clear picture and work as an effective tool to evaluate performance. The analysis of operations as per industry standards, provides managers with data insights for future actions.

Automated audits ensure continuous improvement within distribution centers- and it adds incredible value

Refined Data and Reports for Better Insights

Getting immediate, clearer and deeper reports is a ‘hard nut to crack’ for facility managers. Smart enterprise audit software solutions are capable of cracking the toughest nuts. Insights which used to take days or weeks to extract from reports; are now available within seconds. Such insights, highlight the reasons for exceeding customer requirements and expectations which will lead to quicker sales turnaround, better allocation of costs and a streamlined workflow.

Paperless Audits save Time and Money

All in all, audit software enables super-fast intelligent data capture across many different divisions. Add to this, software based systems reduce overall audit time, efforts and costs by a significant degree.

Automation allows one to pinpoint problem areas in operations that help fulfill the demands of tens of thousands of customers.

Let’s Take a Real-time Example of a Leading Retail Giant

Third largest global retailer, Tesco conducts more than 5000 audits annually. With its massive 780,000 square foot facility in Ireland, Tesco’s paper based miss-mash of a system was adversely affecting the operations. Ineffective audits were leading to unauthenticated data and reports. Also, the handling capacity of 4.5 million cases a week reflects how important it was for Tesco to switch from paper to technology.

How ECAT Nailed It

The operational audit of the distribution center has been souped-up by ECAT, the simplest and robust cloud-based audit software. Exceptional features and functionalities within ECAT, along with unparalleled ongoing support, fundamentally revitalized Tesco’s overall operational performance. They gained better analytics and drove up efficiencies. It is important for distribution centers not to live in the dark and start striving to secure grade “A” business practices.

ECAT software solution is capable of future-proofing the facilities of all types and sizes. Let’s fill the gap between where you are and where you want to be, contact our professionals for a valuable discussion and demo.