Cloud-based Audit Software: Facilitating Facility Management

  • Posted: 4 years ago
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For facility service providers, conducting facility audits is a crucial part of their maintenance program. Precise audits provide facility managers with the momentum to plan and conduct activities associated with the entire maintenance cycle. But auditing is a perplexing challenge, especially for globally expanded companies, as meeting the compliance standards is the only option.

Facility auditing teams face enormous challenges; a major one is seamlessly managing mammoth sized data and making it conveniently available. On top of this, the drive to maximize operational control, compliance with standards and viable use of time and efforts. Hence, a smarter techno-savvy way to audit- cloud-based audit software should be your first move is the last resort.

Recently, our industry experts have noted a significant rise in interest of facility managers and audit teams in software based audits. Fast, efficient, and cost-friendly- these new-age audit solutions come with an unending list of benefits.

How do software-based audits facilitate the facility management? Let’s take a look:

Top Reasons Facilities Choose to Fly-High with Cloud

Empowers Operational Control

Optimum operational control is a must for proper functioning of workspace and infrastructure. On the other hand, insights about the age? and status of the facility help to prevent operational failure and degradation. With the software based audit, facility managers “get the best of both worlds”.

It’s very easy to create and conduct audits. Define all your responses once, and let software handle the rest. Also, facility managers get in-depth knowledge about every departments’ performance with easy identification of the red flags.

No More Data Breaches

With various industries and businesses to be served with a wide range of services, data breach is common phenomenon in FM industry. Most facility companies still use paper-based system, spreadsheets, and filing cabinets that add to the woes.

With a cloud-based software, data is instantly captured and reports are centrally located. Data is secure in the cloud, which can be accessed without the need of any specialized hardware. It is convenient to share reports with different departments, as simple as posting on Facebook and Instagram.

Comply with Host of Regulations

Do you still deal with compliance challenges using hand-written papers? Paper-based presentations do not work anymore. Software-based systems generated reports are more professional, clean and up to the mark. Get real time visibility and ability to generate, access and share reports anytime, anywhere. Such professional availability of reports gives you much-needed confidence; let regulators slice data in different ways, you will comply effortlessly.

Save Time and Efforts

Audits are time-consuming, especially when it comes to preparing reports. The process is complicated and involves hard work and effort, but not with a cloud-based audit tool. With an efficient audit software solution, you can solve issues and avoid delays.

Become confident and assured with a cloud-based auditing and validation process in place. It is never late to add efficiency and consistency with minimal efforts.

These benefits represent only ‘the tip of the iceberg’ of why facility auditors choose software solutions over paper-based systems. Directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly, software based systems streamline a wide range of activities that enhances overall audit efficiency.

See How ECAT, an Audit Software Helps

The easiest cloud-based audit software in the market, ECAT sweeps away any other audit and compliance tool available in the market. Sodexo is an award winning global facility service provider. As the auditing needs of the company were enormous, paper-based audit were proving futile.

ECAT changed the way of auditing drastically. Facility management department of Sodexo were delighted to leverage the capabilities and flexibility of ECAT. The team achieved operational excellence and reduced overall time and effort. They instantly re-created their audits on this platform, and an ECAT administrator helped to roll the solution out across the entire operation. To discover how ECAT can help your enterprise, contact ECAT team and schedule a demo now.