Combat COVID-19 with ECAT

  • Posted: 1 year ago
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A New Norm for Businesses

Coronavirus has dramatically increased the need for businesses to safeguard the health and safety of their employees and customers. All industries will be required to up their game and carry out a range of new checks on site. Your business may need to adapt to new hygiene processes, social distancing practices or be required to implement staff training procedures.

All this checking, double checking and triple checking could take its toll and leave you drowning in a sea of paperwork. Paper-based systems will not only fill your filing cabinets, they will struggle to effectively record crucial information.

Switching to a cloud-based system can help improve efficiency, ensure best practices on site, and makes it easy to analyse data to implement improvements.

How Can ECAT Help?

ECAT offers audit management software needed to implement effective Covid-19 Continuity Plans, helping clients from across various sectors adjust to the new-norm, restore confidence, and reassure employees and customers about the safety and cleanliness of their buildings.

We provide organisations with an auditing system to help them emerge through the crisis and secure their long-term future. With our second to none customer support and industry leading software tools, our top priority now is to help your business re-open and stay compliant.

By using the guidelines established by the Health & Safety Authority and the WHO, ECAT has developed solutions to help you deal with the challenges this will present. We have industry-specific resources for everything from desk cleans to deep cleans, which can be amended to fit your needs.

So whether you work in Healthcare, FM, Hospitality, RetailManufacturing or Logistics, ECAT is ready to help your business throughout every stage of this process. Let’s Talk!

COVID-19 Resources

While we’re here to help your business reopen, please remember that following the guidelines set by national and internal health organisations is the best way to stop to spread:

World Health Organisation (WHO):

Health Service Executive (HSE):

Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

National Health Service (NHS):