ECAT Bags Spot in 20 Most Promising EHS Solution Providers 2019 by CIOReview

  • Posted: 2 years ago
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Recognised for creating a benchmark in audit management industry, ECAT EHS management software’s ease of use and flexibility to solve complex compliance challenges brings it to the list by leading global technology magazine

ECAT, globally acclaimed EHS management software, was recently named to this year’s 20 Most Promising EHS Solution Providers list by CIOReview. This coveted recognition is significant given its focus on diligent use of technology to safeguard employees from hazardous workplaces, meet regulatory compliance and manage data efficiently.

Widely known for navigating enterprises to make the right decisions, CIOReview is a technology magazine that shares valuable insights about new and relevant technology trends in the market. To help decision makers like CCOs, CIOs, and CEOs, their selection experts evaluate the best in class compliance technology providers across the globe.

During the selection process, the focus is to identify the technology vendor’s true capabilities to meet critical need of devising cost effective and easy to use solution that can tackle complex compliance challenges. Such well-researched lists help enterprises to choose right and reliable EHS management solutions that are worth their budgets.

Given the current market scenario, enterprises are struggling with daunting challenges of compliance with rapidly changing environmental, health and safety (EHS) regulations. It is a ‘hard-nut to crack’ to manage sheer volume of existing regulations, quickly adapt to current ones and be prepared for upcoming changes. Invariably, use of technology is positively impacting businesses.

With the right audit management tool, it is becoming easy to achieve health and safety goals by managing workplace hazards and automating processes.


In this era of technology, Francis Lyons, CEO and Co-Founder of ECAT, explains how ECAT EHS management software is designed to be as open and flexible as possible without losing the ability to structure the collected data.

ECAT is trusted by leading global organisations as the most efficient and effective way to enable people in different locations to ensure that all company processes are being followed and compliant to standards. It provides current status that enlightens any organisational path with valuable insights.

So, what makes ECAT different- Francis Lyons says, “In real terms, everything from Health & Safety, Hygiene, Maintenance, Logistics, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Security and more can and does follow a relatively simple flow. In a holistic safety driven environment, ECAT has evolved to where it’s not just about capturing what was wrong, it’s about figuring out how to do it better.”

“We know how to guide our clients because we know their business. The diversity comes by examining and fitting many of their process requirements into a relatively standardized solution,” he adds.

The real result here is that, ECAT brings together an effective EHS management tool to eliminate use of expensive systems and improve workplace safety while saving time and costs.

With multi-lingual support, intuitive dashboards, fast and easy reports, improved visibility, transparency and traceability, it helps to get the real picture of the state or status of anything. Simply put, ECAT drives sustainable excellence for their clients- and that is the reason to be on the list of most promising EHS solution providers.

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