ECAT Named in “10 Recommended Audit Management Solution Providers 2019”

  • Posted: 2 years ago
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Leading Business Magazine Insights Success designates cloud based ECAT audit management software for creating a benchmark in the audit management industry

Making audit management easy, ECAT audit management software finds a prestigious spot in the coveted list of the 10 recommended audit management solution providers for this year, published by Insights Success. Globally acclaimed, Insights Success business magazine has incessantly proved to be the best platform for enterprises to create value-rich experiences for its visitors.

Today’s leaders face an intense competition as the impact of the new technologies has increased- and Insights Success magazine committedly reaches out to numerous C-suite professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs to bring forth latest effective trends and collaborative solutions governing various industries.

Expressing his elation over the recognition, Francis Lyons, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-founder of ECAT shares, ‘It has been another valuable recognition to our vision and efforts to bring most efficient and effective audit management solution to enable people, in different locations to ensure all process are followed and compliant to standards and eventually strengthen operational excellence with elimination of traditional paper based audit systems.’

‘In the complex business environment of today, audits are moving from Pass/Fail and providing a holistic view of the process environment. As the role of audit changes, ECAT too has evolved from not just showing what’s wrong, but also insights on how to make it better. Our focus is to help companies distinguish themselves for their clientele with an instant, accurate and real picture of their processes and smooth operations’, he adds.

With diligent use of technology in every area of business, audits too are rapidly changing. Founded in 2011, ECAT is being currently used by the world’s leading brands to conduct audits diverse industries like Health and Safety, Hygiene, Maintenance, Logistics, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Security and more. It has been designed to be as open yet flexible to ‘fit in’ changing process validation requirements into a standardised solution. Enterprises of all sizes, from SME’s to Fortune 500 use ECAT to manage mammoth sized data, gain efficiency, identify risks and continue to scale.

Put simply, ECAT helps to save up to 60% in audit time and enhance operational efficiency by 30%. Lyons adds, ‘Our strong platform capabilities help our customers to turn complexity into flexibility, gain improved transparency, visibility and traceability of the state or status of anything. Our multi-lingual support, intuitive dashboards, fast and easy reports and customer obsessed attitude- makes us different. And that’s what takes us to the list by Insights Success.’

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