Health and Safety: Could it be better?

  • Posted: 4 years ago
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Do you aspire to set zero injury goals for your organisation? The path to reach this goal is treacherous and long as we study the statistics of work-related injuries and deaths. A recent report on fatal work injuries in the UK says that 137 workers lost their lives in 2016/17p. A total of 4386 fatal work injuries were recorded in the United States in 2015 (Bureau of Labour Statistics).The main reasons for these deaths were; people fell from a height, got struck by heavy moving vehicles or objects, trapped under large objects and electrocution.

For organisations across the world, creating safe and healthy workplaces should be paramount. ‘Building a safety net’ for the employees portrays great business acumen of every organisation. Cloud and mobile-based technologies are radically changing the way on-site environments and project management operate and adhere to safety practices. For instance, use of drones and Business Information Models (BIM) help to improve on-site health and safety.

If business practices are evolving- why should the audits be left behind? With a technology-first audit approach for workplace safety, it is easier to identify and prevent potential hazards at a quicker pace.

Cloud-based health and safety software solutions help to monitor trends, reduce workplace incidents and injuries, increase productivity and save costs (along with brand reputation).

Leading by example, the multinational beverage corporation, Coca-Cola believes that its long-term success depends on ensuring optimum safety of their workers, visitors and the public. Their safety record for 2016 shows a 21% reduction in serious incidents and injuries. The secret here is that the company has significantly invested in building capabilities by conducting various multi-geography safety audits.

For a healthy auditing process, know why you should make a move to a technology-based option?

A cloud-based audit solution is a great tool to enhance productivity, and increase quality in various industries with cumbersome compliance and safety regulations. It helps to:

Build a great safety management system by changing day-to-day behaviour in your organisation. Develop a work culture that reflects and makes the safety of your employees- a priority. Ultimately, for employees to arrive home secure, safe and sound each day is priceless.

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