IT Security Audits: Strengthening Weak Links in the Security Chain

  • Posted: 3 years ago
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In today’s business world, data is a driving force to make major decisions across all sectors. Any incident of data breach can lead to irreversible financial and reputational damage for company-owners. As per IBM’s Cost of Data Breach study, the global average data breach cost stands at $3.6 million or $141 per data record.

The world has recently faced massive implications of ‘Data Breach’ in the Facebook- Cambridge Analytica data-mining scandal. For many of us, it was shocking to know how our personal information and preferences can be siphoned off by data mining companies to drive political marketing campaigns.

When Facebook’s worst nightmare hit the headlines, their chief executive officer said that the company would audit thousands of apps that used large amounts of user’s personal information. However, data experts say perhaps it’s too late to cry over spilt milk. The data would have further spread to other groups, databases, and the dark Web.

Such incidents are a wake-up call for companies to understand that the best time to secure your data and network was- yesterday! The earlier you start, the better it is.

The first precautionary step to safeguard data from untoward incidents in big and small companies is to conduct IT Security Audits. Without an IT Security audit, your confidential information can become a playground for hackers to play at free will.

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In this blog, ECAT will take you through the real reasons behind security breaches and best solutions from our experts to protect your business.

Top 6 Reasons for Security Related Incidents:


It is crucial for your business that systems should be audited for weaknesses by a technology-based audit tool with secure networks and third-party cloud platforms. Without this, the cost for any small or medium-sized enterprise in restoring IT systems after the attack can turn very expensive. Proactive and comprehensive security audits can help to recognise vulnerabilities in the systems early.

Golden tip: Find the right audit management tool and execute strategic technology planning for stronger network security.

Audits remain the cornerstone of IT Security

Strong ECAT Core for Better Security

Security Audits prepare you for what’s next; not what was last. Audit management tool- ECAT helps you conduct the right security audits for your company needs to safeguard against hacks, viruses and data thefts. The best way to embed intelligence into your processes and to help businesses stay safe and secured.

At the end of the day, ECAT’s goals are simple: safety, security and better compliance for your organisation. Let’s achieve it together. Talk to us!