No Facilities Services Review, Audit or Check should score 100%!

  • Posted: 4 months ago
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Can a facilities services Review, Audit or Check score 100%? Of course it can, but should it? A controversial question? Yes – maybe, the answer lies in why the review is conducted.

The essence of a review is to provide proof and an evaluation of the service provided. Putting it simply, is the service meeting expectations and delivering the agreed outputs? After all, end clients want to know that risks are mitigated and unwanted liability removed.

Additionally, to improve work within their department Facilities Managers must first understand how their team is doing. How a review, audit or check is constructed will help give teams an understanding of their operations and enable facilities managers to develop a holistic view of facilities and strategies for continuous improvement. Clients no longer just want to see that a job has been done; they also want to see the steps their service provider is taking to continually improve their service. Auditing is no longer about achieving the agreed KPI and moving on. If there are issues found, the information gathered can assist and direct staff on site on how to improve the service, which makes for a happier customer.

This is why, here at ECAT, we recommend using a traffic light scoring system over a pass / fail approach. The amber score allows for areas of improvement to be highlighted, without the need for them to be registered as a “fail”. Used in combination with the free text comments, photos and videos, the end report can easily show the continuous improvement steps being taken. Similarly, applying weighted scoring can provide greater insight and help focus resources as needed.

Are your reviews, audits and checks giving you the information you need to show the contribution you and your team are making? Do your reports illustrate the continuous improvement steps you are taking? Setting your reviews to score 100% or 0% does not allow you to highlight the level of service you are providing.

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