Top 4 Reasons to Choose ECAT Audit Management Software

  • Posted: 3 years ago
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Meet challenges of laggard auditing methods, human intervention and achieve significant alignment between compliance, strategy and staying adaptive to regulations with ECAT

The shift from traditional paper-based auditing processes to paper-less technology-driven audit management tools and simultaneous regulatory changes have created a unique need for companies of all sizes to stay on the top of their compliance game.

The change in how companies conduct audits is happening drastically. Eventually paper-based audit processes will fade away due to acute constraints of cumbersome document control, sloppy CAPA management, absence of timely metrics, security breaches and increased costs. Paper Based Audits Are Passé- Know Why

Organisations are increasingly adapting technology based audits to bring in drastic audit changes and skilfully navigate through complex regulatory landscape.

Companies must choose an effective and powerful cloud-based audit management tool to validate adherence to processes, trigger corrective actions and get a clear view of scope of improvement in processes. As per a report- Audit Software market will reach at 1426 USD Million by 2023 with a CAGR of 10.64% Also Read: What is an Audit Management Software and How is it Useful?

With use of ECAT audit management software, your company too can embed intelligence in processes and drive standardisation. Understand why world’s leading brands like Tesco, Penske, Sodexo, Largo Foods among many others have chosen us for smarter enterprise auditing success.

High-Standard Excellence

With the auditing landscape constantly changing, it is important for organisations to stay ahead in the competition and drastically change auditing methods from traditional paper-based audits to paper-less technology-based audits.

Automating an entire audit lifecycle in one centralised system with efficient audit management solution ECAT – is a masterstroke.

Our cutting-edge audit management solution drives high-standard excellence for smooth compliance-friendly processes for safety, healthcare, quality and environmental audits. Gain measurable ROI by saving audit time up to 60% and enhancing operational efficiency by 30%. With low-cost rollout and quickest deployment- we value of our customers’ time and budget.

ECAT helps where you need it the most- get more time to focus on your core business. Enjoy better productivity and efficiency with better process synergies leading to profitability for your business.

Simple and Easy to Use Audit Management Software

Envisioned to make entire auditing easy for companies, simple to understand and ease of use is at the forefront of cloud-based ECAT audit management tool. ECAT used latest technology and support to help easily navigate through evolving regulatory landscape, compliance requirements and identifying risks and opportunities.

With minimal IT training, audits can be easily conducted on-the-go by companies. Segregated in three simple steps – define processes, conduct audits and monitor results. With mobile capabilities, you can leverage seamless access to the audit software tool from anywhere- anytime. Get clear view of dashboards, intuitive reports and manage multiple users at various geographical locations with a centralised system.

In-person Consultation

With new and better methods of communication becoming available, face-to-face time is being less valued. While virtual meetings have become more convenient than arranging meetings in-person, they can create barriers.

At ECAT, we believe that when we meet with our customers on site, we can assist in more ways than they had originally thought. On several occasions, we’ve been called out to sites to help implement a hygiene audit. When we leave, ECAT is being setup to carry out Security Patrols, Health & Safety Walks and PAT testing.

Not only do we feel that in-person consultation, with customers, creates a better understanding of how ECAT can benefit them, but also helps to form a relationship that eases any kind of future communication. (Plus- Knowing our customer’s favourite football team is just as important as knowing what processes they run on site.)

Customer Focussed Support

We are obsessed about our customers- and our support separates ECAT from the rest! Extensive travelling across both sides of the Atlantic and numerous conference calls; when it comes to support, ECAT cannot be beaten. Whether it is helping global customers to bring new innovations to their sites or starting audit management from the scratch, our ECAT team assists in every way- we can.

Carving out a versatile auditing experience, ECAT is audit management software of choice for various businesses at different stages of maturities and growth profiles. Come join the community focussed on better ROI, operational excellence and continuous innovation with ECAT. Let’s Talk!