Top 5 Reasons to Move Audits from Paper to Technology

  • Posted: 4 years ago
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Audits are the linchpin of business across the globe. The systematic and disciplined approach to auditing offers crystal clear reflection of the status and operations of the organization being audited. But, the paper-based audit is still a deep-rooted issue in a wide-range of organizations.

Most auditors find themselves drowning in papers and spreadsheets while being heavily dependent on their IT teams. Eventually, it sends business owners into a nail-biting mode, when audit reports and findings are questionable. If you find yourself in a similar situation, it is time to rethink and revamp your audits from paper to technology.

Like other industries, technology advancements have reformed the audit industry too. It duly enables organizations and auditors to think and act in a whole new way.

Why Should Your Audits Take The Technology Plunge?

Achieve Greater Standardization

Let a software solution accelerate your audit process. Create audits, upload responses at once and manage a variety of inspections with total ease. Cloud-based audit software and mobile app empower audit teams with numerous audit capabilities and flawless reports. It drives continuous process improvement opportunities for business.

Painlessly Comply with a Host of Regulations

Businesses must abide by the rules and regulations. Otherwise, it can cause grave financial losses. To have full confidence in your inspections, audits, and reports, cloud-based audit software solutions are a reliable and now realistic option. Auditors with hand-written reports are glad to see the back of regulators, whereas auditors with a software-based process, effectively and confidently demonstrate their commitment to regulations.

Enrich the Audit Quality and Efficiency

Paper-driven audits tend to attract more mistakes. Moreover, it becomes hard to prepare, arrange and present the reports and observations. With an audit software in use, non-conformances are highlighted and addressed in real time that helps managers to take necessary CAPAs. All in all, organizations manage to conduct audits while maintaining quality and efficiency.

Reduce Audit and Reporting Time

Time is money, and software-based audit saves both. Incredible, isn’t it! Cloud-based audit tools offer features like offline synchronization, one-time easy setup, no IT team dependency, and 24*7 access from any device- that helps to reduce auditing time drastically. On the other hand, preparing the manual reports is a chore that every auditor abhors. Once an audit is on the cloud, the rest is instant. Instant report updates, instant distribution of the relevant information to the relevant people, Tasks assigned and informed, analytics and trends updated and so much more all done instantly. No more rekeying information into spreadsheets, re saving, editing and pasting photos.

On average over an entire cycle of an audit from data capture to data update, the right software will save you up to 60% on time alone.

Ease of Use

When it comes to moving from paper to technology, organizations are often “caught between two stools”. The confusion is whether they should make such a big move or not. The main reason is one track mind and the change resistant attitude to rely on papers for years to come. Well, some changes are little difficult at first, little messy in the middle, but awesome at the end. Likewise, implementing a software based system is no different. There might be initial bumps to roll out the solution to the entire organization. The users may take a few days to get the complete grasp on mobile solutions, but once the team is up and running on a new system, immediate and long term benefits are irreplaceable.


How Can You Move?

Meet the ECAT team to move effortlessly. ECAT, the process validation solution is renowned as of the easiest and robust audit software solutions till date. This one-of-a-kind software solution has transformed the audit process for various SMBs and industry giants. Moreover, it works equally well in any industry, business or process and hence, ECAT’s sure to address auditing needs of your business.

Organizations with ECAT eliminate inconsistency and operational failure and achieve better regulatory compliance. Get in touch with us to schedule a tailored demo. Professionals will take you through the details and efficiently showcase how ECAT can help your enterprise.