Robust Safety Management System for a Happy Flight to Safer Skies

  • Posted: 4 years ago
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Have you ever taken a flight without being instructed to “Fasten Your Seatbelts”? We know, it’s a ‘No.’ Just like seat belt is for fliers, overall safety management takes the top place in the aviation industry. To be safe, airline industry owners strive to overcome business hazards, dynamic economic conditions, cutthroat competition and ungauged consumer preferences. In addition to these eroding factors, there are high-impacting threats of cyber breaches, data theft, internal risks, and vendor ecosystem.

Run-way to Safety

For game-changers of this industry, mitigation comes from significant investment in risk detection and control, processes and a defined set of protocols. So, what is the secret ingredient to avoid a head-on collision with these challenges?

The answer lies in an incident that happened last month at sea. A US Navy owned USS John S. McCain aircraft carrier, collided with an oil tanker off the coast in Singapore, killing 10 of its sailors. Taking cognisance from the mishap, a top U.S Navy officer issued an order to all its ships sailing across the globe. The ships were ordered to stop for a day to retrain and focus on their proper procedures and safety precautions to prevent similar accidents. It is always advisable to fall back to basics and it starts with flawless compliance to processes and procedures.

For airlines to safely navigate from the mesh of evolving industry dynamics- it is important to rise high with a cloud-based audit management software solution.

Gain Strong Grounds Up in the Air

There is a whole new generation of e-aircraft taking hold of the skies. Digitally enabled airliners are radically changing the legacy operations from flight deck, to cabin and the ground. With these new innovations, come new risks and challenges. To stay relevant, aircraft companies have to substantially upgrade their processes, procedures and eventually- the way they audit.

‘Constant vigilance’ is the predominant value-word amidst increasing complexity in aviation auditing process. It emerges from the readiness of any organisation to take responsible steps to protect its data, applications, infrastructure, and be valiantly ready to thwart every kind of attacks (-not to mention the ones at the height of 37,000ft.).

The magic trick is to choose a solution that addresses your specific needs and challenges. Unanimously, world’s leading aircraft names are adopting software-based audits; as it helps in continuous monitoring, risk assessment, and delivers value-added services.

Soar High With Automation

Automation helps gather data in real-time and most significantly, provides insights into all incidents across the organisation. It is wiser to identify trends and take the relevant steps to avoid messy situations. An automated audit safety management solution makes this possible with authentic reports, scalability, integrating business systems and continuous improvement. Along with an enhanced level of safety, automated solutions increase accountability, quality, and efficiency of the entire aviation safety lifecycle.

Take Off Against the Wind with ECAT

Once you eliminate the piles of paper from your audits, it is a smooth ride in the sky with ECAT’s cloud-based enterprise audit management and process validation solution. Switch over to drive meaningful improvements; otherwise you may have to exit through the ‘Emergency Door’. You can find Our Captain Here!