Top 5 Fluttering Paper Based Audit Challenges

  • Posted: 4 years ago
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Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution describes in detail about how “Survival of the Fittest” organism matters to the ecosystem. Similarly in the course of ‘Audit Evolution’, paper-based audits have over stayed their welcome. We’re at a defining juncture of transformation from paper-based to paperless systems. For years, audits have been conducted with the help of checklists on paper, pens and spreadsheets. In an era of cut-throat competition, this laggard approach costs more in terms of money and human efforts. Quality management becomes more costly with the use of traditional audit systems due to its inefficient and ineffective methods. In recent times, audits have exposed frailties of piling hordes of papers.

Let’s explore the Fresh fact – an internal audit drive at the United Nations revealed data protection failure across its World Food Programme’s (WFP) paper-based systems. It has been found that due to sloppy data handling of sensitive data, people from 61 countries could be at risk. The internal audit report suggested that WFP should focus on getting ahead of the curve on data-management and handling, address core weaknesses and spend more on technology-based systems.

In the long run, such systems become a bottleneck for companies looking to outsmart their competitors.

Paper Based Audits Are Passé- Know Why?

Paper Based Audits-Infographic

Make Paper Based Audits Fly Out of the Window with Cloud-Based Audit Management Solutions

Making Technology Based Audits Linchpin for Your Business

Evidently, dominant technology advances are driving charismatic changes in various aspects of business, including audits. Organisations are experiencing a slow and steady inclination toward technology and smarter audits- while tearing away from paper based systems. For most, it is more than an obligation or an incumbent process to follow. The powerful changes in rules and regulations are influencing how enterprises compete and grow. If you’re still contemplating about swift move to technology, the time to decide is now.

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