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  • Posted: 6 months ago
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ECAT can make your audits paperless, but did you know that it can also automate workflows?

WHY have we designed the system to do this?

It is well known that workflows are used to improve everyday business processes, when your work flows, you can concentrate on getting more done and focus on the things that matter.

For example, ECAT’s workflow allows you to automate your task allocation to make your team more efficient and help your business save time, money and diminish errors.

How does it do this?

Streamlines communication

One of the biggest benefits of streamlining your processes is that it improves internal communication and visibility. Keep the whole team in the loop with customisable notification alerts. Communicate changes and update stakeholders by adding documents, comments, images and even videos through-out each step of the process

Creates accountability

By mapping out your workflow process, you create a system of accountability, where everyone knows what particular tasks they are responsible for.

It can also reveal where the process may get held up, allowing you to make better future decisions to create more effective processes.

Reduces costs and error

Task allocation automation reduces errors because it keeps necessary tasks from going unnoticed. Every person involved in the process is held accountable for their specific role; therefore, no one can make an excuse that “no one told me!”

Empowers employees to manage their own time

Ensure every employee knows their expected role and what they are responsible for. Using ECAT’s Dashboards and automated alerts, management will know if tasks are not completed on time. No longer will supervisors have to manage every employee or spend time checking on their progress.

Task allocation automation allows management to look at the overall workflow process and view everything within the bigger picture context.

Creates more workplace efficiency

By creating task allocation automation, you can assign approval responsibilities to anyone, no matter the current reporting hierarchy. No longer does management have to intervene in every task.

ECAT allows tasks to be passed up/down the approval hierarchy; if needed, it can restrict movement to one level and allow all or specific people to receive notifications.

Workflow automation is the best way to achieve tasks efficiently. It produces more consistent and accurate results every time.

Fast track, approve work, and provide stakeholder updates — all on one system.

ECAT is the audit management software of choice for various businesses at different stages of maturities and growth profiles. Come and speak to us to understand how you can also achieve better ROI, operational excellence and continuous innovation with ECAT. Let’s Talk!