Clearer, more engaging, more comprehensive communications and a whole new look

Today we are delighted to launch our all new branding and communications.

Earlier this year we commissioned Maverick, a specialist B2B marketing communications company, to massively improve the clarity, depth and styling of our brand and communications. We needed a totally new, fresh, engaging approach. Something more true to value of our offering and to who really are as a company.

And so the voyage of discovery with Maverick began. Maverick went deep to clarify our true purpose, to clarify our value proposition and to define our personality. Then they re-crafted all our copy, developed a new brand identity, develop a new website and revamped all our other customer touch points.

We’re delighted with the result. It’s a much better refection of where we are today, and much more clearly communicates the value we can deliver for organisations globally. We hope you like! If you have any comments or feedback please do let us know.

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