With compliance regulations continuously changing, ensure your business is ahead of the curve with ECATs dynamic and ever-evolving auditing system. Whatever the industry, we can cater for your needs.

Transport & Logistics

Meet evolving compliance requirements and satisfy consumer demands. Make informed decisions to maximise distribution by streamlining critical processes.


Reduce costs and increase revenue by simplifying quality processes, decreasing safety incidents and improving defect tracking.


The customer is always right and by using ECAT you can ensure they have a seamless customer journey.

Food Manufacturing

Achieve compliance while responding to intense competition, rising costs and fluctuating market needs. Get better insights into your processes to improve your bottom line and achieve management systems excellence.

Facilities Management

Seamlessly manage complex facilities like commercial outlets, construction sites and offices. Track site records and documents and reduce safety risks to improve employee safety, while achieving compliance.


Improve patient care, increase efficiency, strengthen data security and reduce overall healthcare costs. ECAT helps companies to smoothly navigate the complex maze of global healthcare regulations.


Take a systematic approach to safeguarding property, assets and people. Maintain high visibility to deter inappropriate processes and actions, while improving quality and performance.

Government Agencies

Minimise manual inefficiencies and use of outdated paper-based methods. Pave the way for greater efficiency, superior data quality and better communication channels and reduce risk exposure.


Meet a variety of construction-related challenges and needs. Ensure worker safety, provide training, conduct regular safety checks, identify potential risks and develop sustainable business strategies.

Restaurants and Hospitality

Stay competitive in a rapidly-growing market, while ensuring the highest levels of food and staff safety and meeting industry compliance standards. Build strong brand loyalty among your target consumers.


Smarter, Quicker and More Insightful Audits

ECAT helps you maintain the highest quality standards and meet industry regulations, while monitoring all aspects of industry-specific operations. Gain deep insights into your company’s processes for better compliance, productivity, and profitability.

You can rely on our highly experienced team to work with your business to ensure you get the most from ECAT.

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