Suffice dynamic regulatory demands, maneuver compliance in complicated scenarios, and drive maximum operational excellence to grow profitably. ECAT empowers sustainable change for businesses with comprehensive solutions designed to cater industry specific needs.

Transport & Logistics

Drive improvement for evolving compliance requirements and consumer demands. Leverage holistic insights to maximise distribution channel & streamline critical processes.


Contain costs and enhance revenue amidst rising complexity of standardisation; achieve objectives by streamlining quality processes, decrease in safety incidents, and improvised defects tracking.


Make focused decisions, ensure optimum quality and depict unanimous commitment to promote workplace safety, restrict product recalls, and sky-high customer satisfaction.

Food Manufacturing

Taste compliance by cutting intense competition, rising costs and fluctuating market needs. Explore right ingredients to improve bottom line and achieve management systems excellence.

Facilities Management

Seamlessly manage cumbersome facilities like commercial and construction sites or offices, track site records and documents. Reduce safety risks to improve employee safety while achieving compliance.


Rejuvenate patient care and reduction in overall healthcare costs for companies to navigate smoothly in the complex maze of global healthcare regulations. Drive significant efficiency and data security.


Gain a systematic approach to safeguard property, assets and people. Maintain high visibility to deter inappropriate processes and actions, achieve higher levels of quality and performance.

Government Agencies

Minimalise manual inefficiencies and use of outdated paper-based methods. Open doors for new efficiencies, superior data quality, smooth communication channels and reduce risk exposure.

Real Estate

Meet variety of construction related challenges and needs. Ensure worker safety, provide training, regular safety checks, identify potential risks and develop sustainable business strategies.

Hospitality & Restaurants

Stay healthily competitive in a rapidly growing market while ensuring optimum level of food and staff safety and along with smooth compliance. Build strong brand loyalty among target consumers.


Insightful & Smarter Audits

ECAT helps you stay regulatory ready while monitoring all aspects of industry- specific operations without the hassle of paper-based systems. Seamlessly leverage process synergies for better compliance, productivity and profitability.

Experience high-standard excellence with compliant processes, gain measurable ROI and valuable data insights. Trust our experts for extensive deployment and support, deep domain expertise and strong commitment to compliance with continuous product evolution- with a difference!

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