New to ECAT – Embracing NFC Technology

NFC (Near Field Communication) is the set of protocols that enables smartphones and other devices to establish radio communication by touching the devices together or bringing them into a proximity of typically 10 cm or less.

Unlike bar codes or RFID Tags (Radio Frequency Identification tags), NFC protocols can be programmed. They can store small amounts of data but furthermore, they can be reprogrammed in situ.

What can you do with NFC technology and ECAT?

In short, you scan the NFC tag and:
  • Affix NFC tags or discs to precise locations g. rooms, machines, security check points
  • Assign information to that NFC tag or disc e.g. room name, checkpoint name/number, SOP for a procedure (cleaning or maintenance steps), etc.
  • Serve as ‘Proof of Presence’ to client. Staff member scans the NFC tag with their ECAT app and addresses relevant questions from the ECAT audit or procedure.
  • Take a date & time stamp, even including GPS co-ordinates if required.

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