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How Penske Achieved Operational Excellence

How Penske Achieved Operational Excellence

Penske, a $6.5 billion transportation industry leader offering full-service leasing, truck rentals, and fleet maintenance, employs some 27,000 people and operates and maintains a fleet of more than 240,000 vehicles across North America.

Handling this kind of maintenance activity involves detailing everything from physical truck condition to oil levels to scheduled maintenance intervals and beyond.

To drive productivity and continuous improvement, Penske took on the task of finding an automated digital tool that would collect data in real time, multiple times a day from thousands of employees across hundreds of locations.

Penske needed to be able to easily analyse its data to identify trends, problems and opportunities for process improvement.

Read the full case study to discover how Penske achieved operational excellence across their truck-leasing division by moving to an automated digital auditing tool.

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Discover how an automated auditing tool helped Penske to achieve operational excellence.

Outcomes for Penske

The switch from manual, error-prone, paper-based data collection to a smart, integrated, technology-enabled validation and auditing process has been transformative for Penske’s business.

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Immediate, very significant benefits for us. We couldn’t have dreamed up a solution that would better fit our needs. It’s remarkable how much work the system does for us.
Raymond Coyle, CEO, Largo Foods.
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We’re always looking for simpler, faster ways to do what we do. ECAT totally fits the bill. They have revolutionised our auditing.
David Donovan, Senior Director, ABM.
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Auditing times have been reduced by at least 20%. Time we now spend processing all the data? A big fat ZERO. Audit and we’re done.
Ilie Pop, Cleaning Contract Manager, Beaumont Hospital.
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