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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy for ECAT Limited, trading as ECAT, describes the:

  • types of information we collect and how we use the data;
  • steps we take to make sure your data is secure and handled appropriately; and
  • rights you have to your data and how you can manage the data we handle.

In summary:

  • If we do process personal data (e.g. name, email address, phone, IP address, data in your cv), we make sure such processing is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Ireland’s Data Protection Acts 1998-2018, UK Data Protection Act 2018, ePrivacy, and any other applicable regulations. Processing means doing anything to your personal data. This can refer to collecting, manipulating, storing, disclosing, or erasing data, among other actions. We may process anonymised information about how you use our website or interact with our services and use it to help us improve our services. The information we collect may be anonymised and combined with other information about the use of our services. 
  • If we collaborate with third parties and/or make international data transfers (e.g. to data hosting, cloud service applications, our clients), we will review, and to the extent possible confirm, compliance with the GDPR, including their recognition, if needed, by the EU as having an adequate level of data protection. In all other cases, we have appropriate data processing agreements in place. If we do share your personal data with third parties, we ensure that it is lawful (e.g. through your consent, contract, or based on legitimate interests).
  • We use Cookies. This helps us run our website and apps, evaluate site technical performance and working conditions, manage communications with you and provide our services if you work with us.
  • You have rights. You can make requests for restriction, erasure, or rectification as well as others. Please contact us at Also, you can lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, an independent public authority established by an EU Member State, if you feel we have not handled your personal data properly. Our supervisory authority is Ireland’s Data Protection Commission,

For those that have enquired about working with us:

If you contact ECAT about potential employment or for working on a project as a consultant, we will reach out to confirm your permission to retain and process your details. Your details will always be handled in accordance with privacy regulations. 

For customers working with us:

Our Terms of Service with customers states that you are responsible for keeping your information that is not in the public domain strictly confidential in accordance to GDPR and other applicable regulations; and not publishing or disclosing all or any part of the information to any of its officers or employees who do not have a direct need to be party to the information.

Download our full privacy policy here: