The Joy of Cloud

Here at ECAT we pride ourselves in our customer support. Not only will you receive unrivalled setup assistance, our team will provide continuous support to ensure the best experience for you and your team.

Your Tailored Demo
Tell us how you audit. Then we’ll show you a better way.

One of our advisors will talk to you about your current auditing requirements and prepare a live demo tailored to your needs within 2 days. See exactly how ECAT can benefit your business and revolutionise your auditing. Contact us to arrange your demo now.

Your Platform Set-up
Within minutes your dedicated ECAT platform is ready.

Yes, we like to get straight down to business. We can setup a dedicated site up and running in minutes so you can get testing right away. Our team will digitise your audits so you will have them on your mobile device in lightning speed.

Your Training
We’ll show you how easy ECAT is to use.

Whether it onsite or a conference call, we promise you our intuitive system will be easy to follow. If any questions do arise, our dedicated support team is always available without having to worry about any further costs.

Your Unique Requirements
Custom features, functions and integrations added just for you.

As our clients extend and deepen their use of ECAT they sometimes request features, functions and integrations which are very specific to their needs and systems. ECAT is built on a highly flexible platform so, in most instances, we can bend and shape it for our clients’ exact requirements.

Direct Access to our Knowledgeable, Senior Support Team

Many of our clients are global operations, with enormous and mission-critical auditing needs. When they need our help, we’re there. We only staff our support team with people who understand auditing and our platform upside down and inside out. We don’t outsource any aspect of our support. You get straight to the solutions experts.

Live Help

Call, email or Skype our helpdesk. Our full support team is available from 9am to 5pm GMT, Monday to Friday. We also offer 24/7 emergency support, as required.

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