Get the real picture

ECAT is the most agile, most intelligent application in its class yet it’s easy to implement, use, manage and customise. Get a clear, full picture for how well your processes are being applied.

Deeper, more accurate inspection in less time

Connect to one, powerful, ever evolving solution. With the smarts and functionality to revolutionise your inspection. One that’s been tried and tested in multiple industries, organisations and countries. Get a detailed, accurate, real time picture of the state or status of anything, anywhere. Inspection to the power of ECAT.

All types of inspection for all sorts of purposes

The ECAT platform has the flexibility and smarts to support the type and style of inspection you need. Today this technology is used around the world, in an array of industries, to inspect safety, hygiene, production, equipment, security, people, places, processes and much more.

We take care of the technology so you can focus on your inspection

All in the cloud, 24/7, 365, everywhere and anywhere. Ever evolving. No specialised hardware required. No expensive hardware or software upgrades. No maintenance costs.

Inspection without internet connectivity

Once your people have an inspection downloaded to their phone or tablet they are ready to inspect, regardless of internet connectivity. If there’s no connectivity, simply upload later and access the info from anywhere.

Define once and ECAT will handle the rest

When setting up a new inspection you define all the responses you require. For each common issue that might arise you determine the information to be gathered, the action to be taken, the person to be tasked with resolving, the length of time they have to resolve and the escalation process. When the issue arises ECAT follows all your predetermined requirements.

Set your full inspection schedule and trigger some random ones

Schedule your inspections exactly as you need; define by hour, shift, day, week, month and more. You can also set ECAT to randomly select when and where to request additional inspections.

Scan barcodes and NFC tags, or capture GPS co-ordinates

Ensure proof of presence by affixing barcodes or NFC tags/discs to your equipment or locations, and scanning with your smartphone or tablet. Tap to add GPS co-ordinates and your location, time and date are recorded.

Your data, your way.

ECAT features a powerful, highly flexible reporting engine. Each user can easily create their own personalised dashboard and reports. They see what’s most relevant to them, track their KPI’s and have automated reports emailed as and when they need.

Scan the big picture or dive into detail

All top level reports link directly to the related detail. So you can instantly drill down to the tiniest of details in seconds. Use alerts to instantly highlight key issues. Use filters to find what you need; by date, function, department, person and more. Information is power. ECAT takes you there.