With use of latest technology and support, ECAT skillfully navigates companies through mishmash of decisions, risks and opportunities. Define your processes just once, conduct smooth audits, and monitor performance through intuitive reports.


Validate Adherence to Processes

See your processes getting more firmly established in less time with less effort.


Trigger Corrective Actions

Address shortcomings immediately with preconfigured, automated responses.


See Where to Improve Processes

Crystal clear view of dashboards, trends and detailed reports to improve processes.

The Solution


Audit Management Software

Powerful, Effective and Cloud-based Tool

Streamline all your audit tasks- create intelligent forms, conduct audits on the go, define required alerts, corrective actions and escalations. Configurable dashboards, intuitive reports and manage users with a secured and centralised system.

Audit and Inspection App

Complete Mobile Functionality

Seamless access to your ECAT tool from anywhere. Get responsively built mobile experience and explore the power to record findings easily, non-conformances and manage corrective actions. Agile solution with offline sync capabilities.

ECAT Support Team

Dedicated Tech Support

Get real-time online tech support for any system issues. Also, get exclusive guidance on best practices for audit management, training and support for users and help with roll-outs. Get customised features and derive maximum value from ECAT.

Full Spectrum of Platform Capabilities

Seamless User Experience

Flexible dashboard & reports, responsive UI and smooth integration of interface.

Safety and Security

Role-based security to make processes more comprehensive. Hosted on the Azure platform.

Better Configurability

Superior configuration with Bulk Upload facility, setup options & customised flows.

Smart Architecture

Latest technologies for industry-best performance in a highly scalable solution.

Streamlined Work Flow

Execute entire audit life-cycle with immense ease & add information and photos quickly.

Centralised Data Management

Manage all organisational audit data under one secured & centralised system.

ECAT Differentiator

Instant dedicated customer support

Easy to use with minimal or no training

High-speed audit hierarchy/Location setup with a simple and intuitive user interface

Ongoing assistance for Audit Configuration and Consulting

NFC/Bar-coding, GPS capability to endorse Security Patrolling (Proof of Presence)

Low cost roll out process that saves user’s time and efforts

We Guarantee: Deployment < 5 Days (or even in hours) if You Are Ready

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Follow the Leaders

Organisations you know- use ECAT to get a crystal-clear view of their processes in a super-fast, intelligent and data-rich way.

Penske use ECAT to easily and quickly check that 700 locations are up to standard.
Tesco use ECAT to check how well their precise routines are being followed in their distribution centres.
Sodexo use ECAT to ensure that everything is being cleaned to their standard.
Mondelez use ECAT to ensure their standards are consistently applied and met internationally.