We reduced auditing time by 20% and reduced data processing time to a big fat zero

  • Sector: Healthcare
  • Number of Sites: 1 campus
  • Audits Per Year: 400+
The Challenge

A Sea of Unmanageable Information

Beaumont Hospital Dublin, opened in 1987, employs some 3,000 staff and has 820 beds. Auditing was conducted using a paper based solution. Users found it cumbersome, confusing and time consuming. All was recorded on paper and then later keyed into their computer system. Information was available but it was taking too long to collect and far too long to analyse. Administrators were manually re-organising information to get the required reports to management.

The Solution

A Smooth, Straightforward Switch

Once we understood the what, how and who of Beaumont’s auditing, we configured their ECAT platform to fit their needs and prepared an implementation plan. We helped get both auditors and admin users ready for the switch. Everything was pre-tested. On the appointed day the switch was very smooth and straightforward. Managers were amazed to see reports pop up on their screens as soon as auditors began recording.

The Results

Faster Auditing, More Information and Instant Reports

The team at Beaumont have experienced a wide variety of significant benefits from their ECAT implementing.
  • Complete elimination of repetitive data entry
  • Data instantly collated and distributed
  • All required reports generated instantly, no intervention required
  • Validation of auditors’ movement is now undeniable with GPS location tracking
  • Validation of issues also undeniable as backed up with photographic evidence offailure reasons
  • Significant reduction in the frequency of non-conformances
  • Actual auditing time reduced by 20%
  • Significant time saving for management

Auditing times have been reduced by at least 20%. Time we now spend processing all the data? A big fat ZERO. Audit and we’re done.

– Ilie Pop, Cleaning Contract Manager, Beaumont Hospital.