ECAT Revolutionise GBM’s Auditing

  • Sector: Facilities Management
  • Number of Sites: 200+
  • Audits Per Year: 9,000+
The Challenge

Massive Auditing Needs

GBM Support Services Group maintain clean and safe environments for their clients. Their award-winning cleaning, maintenance, waste and facilities management services are used by the UK’s leading banks, law firms, leisure parks, shopping centres and more. GBM have massive auditing needs. Previously they relied on paper based processes and an electronic auditing tool. However, they needed a smarter, more flexible, more scalable, lower maintenance auditing solution.

The Solution

All Ready to Go!

GBM met with the ECAT team and road tested our solution. They were impressed but they needed to be sure that we could fully replicate all their current audits and processes on our platform. They were amazed when they saw our Bulk Upload function simply take in all their spreadsheets and re-create all their audits, as they were, on ECAT. All ready to go! An easy decision for GBM, ECAT was exactly what they needed.

The Results

An Organisation Wide Roll Out

ECAT immediately revolutionised GBM’s auditing. They have now appointed a dedicated ECAT Administrator to help speed the roll out of the platform across their entire operation and to also use ECAT to provide all audit reporting directly to their end clients.

We’re always looking for simpler, faster ways to do what we do. ECAT totally fits the bill. They have revolutionised our auditing.

– David Donovan, Senior Director, ABM.