Helping Penske Deliver in 700 Locations Across the US

  • Sector: Transport & logistics
  • Number of Sites: 700+
  • Audits Per Year: 50,000
The Challenge

Move from Paper to Technology

Penske is a $19 billion global transportation operation with more than 39,000 employees. Their truck leasing division in the US were conducting a wide variety of checks, reviews and audits across their 700+ maintenance depots. Everything was captured on paper and processed manually. Management decided they needed a better way, that it was time to find and implement a smarter, technology based solution.

The Solution

Global Search for Ideal Solution

Penske conducted a massive, global trawl of all available solutions. They were looking for a technology and a partner who could revolutionise their approach to auditing for their truck leasing division in the US but also, if successful, roll out the technology to other divisions around the world. They selected ECAT.

Penske’s Key Solution Requirements Were:
  • Real time information – all had to be instantly available to management
  • Easy to set-up and use – so their 250+ auditors could easily switch any training needed to be online
  • No hardware investment – the technology had to work on smartphone and tablets
  • Fit their business – e.g. ability to set up audits, users and reporting by territory
  • Agile, advanced reporting – e.g. allow different managers to see exactly what was relevant to them
The Results

Helping Penske Deliver Their High Standards

When we began the implementation for Penske they said “once we start into a system and it’s working well the roll out will happen real fast”. It certainly did! We already have 250 users in Penske, doing over 200 monthly reviews at 700 different locations. The system tracks more than 2,000 different tasks from initiation to completion. ECAT transformed Penske’s ‘Location Maintenance Review’ process from slow, retrospective reporting function, to an instant, highly automated, transparent, performance management function. A solution which helps Penske to consistently deliver a high quality service right across the US.

Instant, real time access to data; their reporting is second to none. We get immediate reports with information at our fingertips. Now, we get the real picture.

– Vic Morgret, Maintenance Support Data Analyst, Penske.