We rescued Sodexo from a sea of paperwork, saving them time and money in the process

  • Sector: Healthcare and Services
  • Number of Sites: 400
  • Audits Per Year: 5000+
The Challenge

Repetitive Paper-Based Processes

Sodexo, a globally acclaimed leader in healthcare and services industry operates in 80 countries with 420,000 employees in 34,000 sites. Its division- Sodexo Ireland has 1,800 people working for 2000 client locations across various market sectors. Back in 2013, Sodexo Ireland was in dire need to deploy a technology-based auditing tool for one of their contracts to eliminate cumbersome paper-based processes.

The Solution

Excellent Flexibility in Audit Deployment

Sodexo Ireland’s search for a partner for its massive auditing needs ended with ECAT. In 2013, a relatively young ECAT pulled out all the stops and had Sodexo Ireland client’s auditing system up and running within a couple of days. There was a significant rise in our interactions thanks to adding new processes on-the-go at no extra cost. With the success of a completely glitch-free audit management tool and extensive ‘word-of-mouth’ appreciation, it helped us to create a strong customer base of Sodexo and its global clients.

With ECAT, the client completely eliminated repetitive paper based systems and resulted in better flexibility and smooth processes. Owing to the success of this requirement, our experts developed intelligent audit systems for various Sodexo clients and continually enhanced the way how people used and benefited from ECAT.

The Results

Significant Role in New Product Release

ECAT received first-hand experience of managing audit for Sodexo and worked with its several divisions and clients. We became an important wheel in the cog for Sodexo UK’s product- Essence’s release. Sodexo had launched a new over-arching product called “Essence”- and for a smooth adaptation across divisions, ECAT devised the standardised Sodexo Essence Audit. We customised a set of pre-defined parameters to allow the entire Sodexo team to have a smooth roll out of Essence with minimum of effort.

It was simple- various site managers would send us on the site details and ECAT did the rest. Within a day of receiving the site information, the various auditors could be auditing from their mobiles. Quick and easy! Overall, with simplified audit approach, ECAT was instrumental in smooth roll out and adaption of ‘Essence’ across sites.

Complex yet Very Effective Tool for Hospitals

Sodexo is a trust-worthy and leading providers to the ever evolving healthcare market. Being a part of a highly regulated industry driven by processes and results, Sodexo Healthcare needed to combine audit findings to its internal enterprise systems. Through massive and consistent efforts of ECAT and Sodexo teams, a new purpose-built solution was designed and deployed. This new system consisted of all existing functionalities of ECAT along with additional randomisation and scheduling rules. The tool is linked to accounts systems and has proved to be robust and reliable. Sodexo looks forward for quick rollout across hospitals in the coming months.

Some of our key issues were cost of entry, ease of use, minimal training requirement, quality tech support and the ability to deal with multiple and varied audit processes across a wide range of client sites. ECAT allowed our staff to take control of the system and make it their own.

–Aidan Walker, Account Director- Sodexo