Growing from Strength to Strength with ECAT

  • Sector: Healthcare
  • Number of Sites: 1
  • Audits Per Year: 800+

Get More from Your Audits

The idea for ECAT came from years of frustration completing paper audits. This was especially true in a healthcare setting. From the beginning we aimed to resolve the issues we knew others were experiencing but had not yet found an answer.

When St. Luke’s General Hospital Kilkenny approached ECAT looking for a new auditing system, we knew we could help them move away from paper and onto the cloud. Our first project was to move all hygiene audits onto our system, which would not only make completing the audits quicker but also provided the hospital with in-depth reporting that included photographic evidence of findings.

Closing the Loop

As they began seeing the time-saving benefits, we explored other ways in which they could utilise ECAT. Our next step was to deploy our ‘Task Action’ feature which would allow the auditors to assign issues they found on their weekly checks to the relevant person. Whether that be the Ward Managers, Housekeeping Teams or Maintenance Teams, an email would be sent with a detail description of the issue, instructions on how to resolve it and had the ability to close it off once completed. This provided evidence that the loop was being closed.

Building upon this, St. Luke’s wanted to utilise ECAT further, this time by conducting ‘Wheelchair Hygiene Checks’, ‘Toilet Checks’ , ‘Daily cleaning logs’ and most importantly, ‘Legionella Prevention Checks’. With ECAT’s Near Field Communication (NFC) feature, the hospital was able to provide proof to HIQA (Health Information and Quality Authority), the independent authority for the health and social care services in Ireland, that their staff carried out the inspections necessary to stay compliant.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

ECAT provides St. Luke’s Hospital with an auditing system that not only ensures they are staying compliant but also provides opportunities to make data-driven decisions by comparing weekly, monthly, and yearly trends and is available for evidence at the touch of a button.

It started with just little talks about the hygiene audits and now the Ecat system has expanded in to various audits/checks. Without the excellent support and engagement from the ECAT team, we would not have been able to achieve any of this. The ECAT team treat us as though we're their only client and pay full attention to all of our queries, which has led to excellent outcomes.

– Inga Peciuliene, Environmental Services Facilitator