Trucking & Logistics

How to Overcome the Top Operational Challenges in Trucking & Logistics

DHL, Penske and Tesco Distribution are increasing operating profits year-on-year, despite growing competition, tighter margins and more stringent regulations.

This report uncovers how these progressive trucking and logistics companies have achieved sustained growth by finally overcoming the core operational challenges that have been holding them back from achieving ‘operational excellence’.

Operational challenges such as:
  • Time-consuming manual processes
  • Consistent threat of workplace risk
  • Improving vendor compliance standards
  • Maintaining and monitoring fleet safety
  • Controlling quality assurance standards

Learn how technology has enabled these leading trucking and logistics companies to streamline processes and move swiftly towards improving long term efficiency and sustained profitability.

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Discover how an automated auditing tool helped Penske to achieve operational excellence.

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Immediate, very significant benefits for us. We couldn’t have dreamed up a solution that would better fit our needs. It’s remarkable how much work the system does for us.
– Raymond Coyle, CEO, Largo Foods.
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Instant, real time access to data; their reporting is second to none. We get immediate reports with information at our fingertips. Now, we get the real picture.
– Vic Morgret, Maintenance Support Data Analyst, Penske.
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Decisions are now based on detailed, real time information. Before we either didn’t manage to record this data or it was inaccessible.
– Colm Farrell, Health & Safety Manager, Tesco.
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