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Tayto Case Study

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Simply a better way

The Challenge

Drowning in paper.

Largo Foods produce many of Ireland’s iconic snack-food brands including Tayto, Hunky Dory’s, King and Perri. They found their auditing, documentation and reporting requirements were growing year on year. The paper-based system they relied on was consuming more and more resources and yet the data produced was often inaccessible and inaccurate or incomplete. A re-think was required.

The Solution

Excited by ECAT's Capability

Largo began a search for the expertise and technology that would move them from their paper-based system. We met with Largo and got a deep understanding of their needs. We demonstrated how we could re-create all their existing audits on our web-based platform. We showed them a selection of the exact reports they were looking for and finally, we demonstrated how they could easily and quickly create new audits themselves. Largo were excited by ECAT’s capability, they chose us as their auditing partner and were up and running on their new system 5 days later.

The Results

"Simply a better way".

Largo started to experience the benefits of ECAT immediately. Repetitive data entry became a thing of the past. Managers got access to real-time, highly accurate information. Largo estimate that even though their audits are now more frequent and more comprehensive they are spending at least 33% less time auditing and are spending close to zero time generating task assignments, escalations and reports. They also report improved productivity as production managers now have more immediate, accurate, detailed information and they have noted an immediate reduction in ‘non-conformances’ occurrences.