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About Us

We aim to help organisations get an instant, accurate and complete picture of their processes and better manage their operations – precisely. Enabling them to cut costs, improve compliance, strengthen operations and gain a competitive edge. Today, we’re delighted that ECAT is precisely doing this, around the globe, at 1,000s of locations, for a wide range of industries.

Francis Lyons, CEO, ECAT

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Meet the Team

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Co-Founder and CEO
Francis is ECAT’s CEO, a true gentleman who leads by example. ECAT was born from a combination of a desire for less hassle and more time efficiency, entrepreneurship, and a conversation with his friend Colm. Since then, he has revolutionised organisations by introducing them to an easier, faster, and better approach to process validation and auditing. Francis is a family man who enjoys socialising with friends and family and uses running to work off the aftereffects! In his spare time, he likes to help, and if he is not on his family’s farm, you will likely find him coaching the local rugby team. We are just not sure if that is to get out of the shopping!


Customer Support Manager
David is ECAT’s Customer Success Manager. He is an early pioneer of our customer success and the guy who puts a smile on the faces of our clients and keeps it there. Fully committed to building relationships, he helps to maintain and support our huge customer user base. Our 100% client retention rate is testament to his success. Our go-to guy for the seamless migration of all clients to new upgrades of ECAT. In his spare time, he is an avid gamer, rock climber and surfer, just don’t put cheese or tomato on his pizza!
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Head of Sales
Darragh is ECAT’s Client Development Manager. With his background in customer service and research and development, he has a unique knack for weaving the perfect solution out of ECAT for any business. He is passionate about helping new and existing customers to get the very most out of the ECAT tool. Don’t let his love of an organised spreadsheet fool you, he enjoys the outdoors and has trekked from Cuba down to Argentina capturing some amazing photos along the way!


Client Success Manager
Chris is ECAT’s Client Success Manager. With his product design and business development background, he loves finding solutions for our customers and is happy to be challenged with a problem to overcome. He likes to partner with our customers and is a firm believer in ‘teamwork makes the dream work’. He enjoys fully immersing himself in an activity, be it at work or play. In his spare time, he is a keen golfer and likes nothing better than celebrating achieving a birdie with a cold pint of Irish Stout. Sadly, he admits he can count on one hand how many birdies he has achieved to date and is more likely to be drowning his sorrows at the amount of bogies he records in a round!
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Senior Technical and Project Lead
Dipak is ECAT’s Senior Technical and Project Lead. A rare breed of techno-geek who seamlessly coordinates the entire ECAT development team and our broad range of clients for a smooth and flawless execution of the solution. He guides, supports and leads the team in visualising and delivering exceptional cloud-based solutions. His management capabilities are second to none, as he ensures that all the requirements are met on time, and problems are solved without added financial costs for the clients. Dipak is also one of the key people involved in planning the scope, implementing and maintaining ongoing advancements in the ECAT platform.


Financial Controller
Sinead is ECAT’s Financial Controller. She is a fellow of the Association of Chartered Accountants and the one in charge of making sure the figures stack up. She has worked in the accounting industry for over 20 years, looking after the accounts for a wide range of companies, from production to the service industry. At ECAT, Sinead keeps us all in line in the nicest possible way. On a crucial mission to go paperless and online, she manages to make accounting work great fun! When she’s not putting accounts straight for ECAT, she enjoys annoying her kids and spending quality time with her husband.
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Marketing Manager
Zoe is ECAT’s Marketing Manager. With her marketing and business development background, she enjoys using up her daily word count to find creative ways to tell ECAT’s story. She loves aligning marketing strategy with revenue objectives and rolling up her sleeves to execute it. In her spare time, she can be found having a chat over a good cup of tea or out on the open road on her motorbike. She admits she doesn’t get out on it as much as she would like, primarily due to being a fair-weather biker!