The Story Behind Our Story

After years of doing audits on paper and not finding a technology solution to meet our needs, myself and Colm had become utterly frustrated. When we talked to others about their experiences with auditing technology, they echoed our frustrations. Large organisations need heavy duty software solutions like ERPs and CRM platforms, but, we don’t need heavyweight technology for audits. What we need is a flexible, intelligent, mobile solution that enables us to better manage auditing, without the need for IT people. And so, ECAT was born. Our aim was to help organisations get an instant, accurate and complete picture of their processes and better manage their operations – precisely. Today, we’re delighted that ECAT is doing exactly this, around the globe, at 1,000s of locations, for a wide range of industries.

Francis Lyons, Director, ECAT

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to make it easy and feasible for organizations, using mobile technology, to get an instant, accurate and complete picture of the state or status of anything so that they can better manage their operation.

Our Value Proposition in a Nutshell

ECAT’s intelligent enterprise software enables organisations, who have significant auditing needs, to more easily conduct deep, accurate, frequent audits. Enabling them to cut costs, improve compliance, strengthen operations and gain competitive edge.