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Our mission is to help you to make your service delivery management easier, faster, smarter so that you can better satisfy your customer.

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ecat data collection tayto case study
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Simply a better way.

Largo Foods moved to automated audit management software. ECAT reduced 33% of their auditing time with improved productivity & performance.

Ireland’s iconic food brand, Tayto, chose ECAT as their auditing partner and started experiencing the benefits of the new system in just 5 days.

Danone Case Study

Digitising the last line of defence in the manufacture of baby food

Helping one of Danone’s largest manufacturing plants go paperless meant increased productivity and easier document retrieval for them.

Sodexo Education

Empowering School Improvements

Collecting the good with the bad helped Craig Lorimer, Sodexo Advisor, to not only improve morale but bring a standardised process.


Helping the OPW go paperless meant less time on the papertrail and more time on the heritage trail.

Find out how ECAT helped the Office of Public Works in Ireland move their auditing to a paperless system and automate their reporting.

With over 3000 properties to monitor, see how ECAT made life a whole lot easier for the Office of Public Works (OPW).

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ecat data collection st lukes hospital case study

St Luke's Hospital

Growing from strength to strength with ECAT.

Excellent Support leads to Great Results. Starting with conducting hygiene audits, ECAT now helps St. Luke’s Hospital in ways they couldn’t previously imagine.


50,000 reviews a year at over 700 locations with 0 headaches.

Penske moved to automated audit management software. ECAT tracks 2000+ multiple tasks with 250+ users for faster performance management & advanced reporting.

Global transport giant, Penske moved from paper to technology-based audits with ECAT to conduct audits across 700+ locations.

ecat data collection beaumont hospital study

Beaumont Hospital

We reduced auditing time by 20% and data processing to a big fat 0!

Beaumont used a cumbersome and confusing paper-based solution. By implementing ECAT they achieved significant benefits, like faster auditing, more information and instant reports.


We rescued Sodexo from a sea of paperwork.

ECAT successfully eliminated paper-based processes for Sodexo, with a robust and reliable audit management system which met multiple requirements.

ecat auditing software review derrycourt
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Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists

ECAT helped EQHS impress their clients.

ECAT developed industry specific and site-specific audits for Derrycourt’s contract customers.


ECAT saved ISS so much money, it actually paid for itself, with change.

ECAT helped ISS to deliver quality-rich services to meet the varied expectations of its customers. With a geographically diverged and wide range of customers, ISS Facility Services found ECAT audit management system to be highly user friendly, easy to use and led by a supportive and progressive team.

ecat auditing software review iss
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ecat data collection tesco study


Power of ECAT Tailored for Tesco.

Tesco’s feedback has been that the system is doing everything they needed and more. They were a little daunted by moving all their auditing to ECAT in one fell swoop, but they were surprised at how fast and easy the transition was.

Mitie, Ireland

ECAT helped Mitie bid more competitively.

ECAT audit management software revitalized Mitie’s processes by saving administrative time and giving a real-time view of intuitive reports of their PPMs.

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Mount Charles facilitis management ECAT audit case study

Mount Charles

Anything that makes people’s lives easier is good!

Mount Charles moved to paperless auditing and streamlined their process with ECAT. The award-winning facilities management company was looking for a cloud-based auditing system to help them with their reporting needs and cleanly integrate with their business information system. Mount Charles moved from paper to technology-based audits with ECAT to conduct over 6500 audits a year.

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Colm Farrell Health & Safety Manager, Tesco

Decisions are now based on detailed, real time information. Before we either didn’t manage to record this data or it was inaccessible.

Martha Aoe Account Director, Sodexo

Some of our key issues were cost of entry, ease of use, minimal training requirement, quality tech support and the ability to deal with multiple and varied audit processes across a wide range of client sites. ECAT allowed our staff to take control of the system and make it their own.

Raymond Coyle CEO, Largo Food

Immediate, very significant benefits for us. We couldn’t have dreamed up a solution that would better fit our needs. It’s remarkable how much work the system does for us.