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Tesco Case Study

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Our system gave Tesco more than
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The Challenge

To Migrate from a Plethora of Disjointed Auditing Formats.

Tesco’s distribution centre in Donabate, Dublin, Ireland is a 780,000 square foot facility with a handling capacity of 1.5m cases per week. It is currently the world’s eighth-largest building. However, the facility was relying on several different manual and paper-based processes to monitor and audit its operation. As a result, management wasn’t receiving the data, reports or insights they needed. Management decided their ‘miss-mash of a system’ was not fit for purpose and they set about finding a smarter solution.

The Solution

Power of ECAT Tailored for Tesco

Once Tesco had trialled ECAT they quickly decided to roll the solution out across the entire facility and move all their auditing needs to the ECAT platform. To do this they collated all their paper based logs and trackers and re-created them on ECAT. Identified and set-up the specific alerts, escalations and reports management needed. Identified the primary KPI’s managers needed and tailored their individual ECAT’s dashboards accordingly.

The Results

Better Decision Making, Less Exposure to Accidents or Non-Conformance and Improved Overall Performance.

Tesco’s feedback has been that the system is doing everything they needed and more. They were a little daunted by moving all their auditing to ECAT in one fell swoop, but they were surprised at how
fast and easy the transition was. Auditors found the app interface so easy they just switched to it without even a demonstration. Even Tesco’s admin users fully got to grips with the system with just a
day’s training. So much easier and faster for everybody but the most valuable outcome for Tesco is that management now has a much clearer, deeper and more accurate picture of their operation.
They have found all issues now get highlighted, even small ones that might seem innocuous, issues are dealt with faster, and everyone is getting the alerts and information they need. Managers have said they can now trust the data, and they feel less exposed to poor decision-making, accidents or non-conformance. Overall, they report a positive effect on the distribution centre’s performance.