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Mount Charles Case Study

Mount Charles facilitis management ECAT audit case study
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“… anything that makes people’s lives easier is good”

The Challenge

A glut of paper and process.

Mount Charles are an award-winning facilities management support service provider specialising in catering, cleaning, vending, events & security services. They wanted to tackle their manual processes and spreadsheets and move away from the glut of paper. Some of their customers require heavy reporting and they wanted senior management teams to see the information they needed without logging into multiple systems.

The Solution

ECAT's support was the key!

Mount Charles was already using a cloudbased auditing system that enabled them to use generic audits across the business. However, they were looking for specific audits for specific customers to help them with their reporting needs and a system that could cleanly integrate with their business information system, Tableau. This integration would enable their senior management team to view the data from one single system. Any system they used needed to be intuitive so that operatives could easily be up and running. On investigation, they found that ECAT would meet their needs.

The Results

"It’s working well, it’s been very positive, the product does what it says on the tin!”.

Mount Charles quickly began experiencing the benefits of ECAT.

When asked this is what Rorie McBride, Director of Information Technology, had to say:

“Implementing ECAT has been a simple process, and it has been easier to get operatives to do what they need to do, and anything that makes people’s lives easier is good. One of the key differentiators for the operatives is the assumption that everything is right, which has sped up the actual audits. The support and quick turn-around time from ECAT means the operation side of the business has what it needs to run. The inbuilt dashboard is enough for the Operations team, but the integration with Tableau means presentations to the rest of the business happen how they need to.”