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Helping the OPW go paperless meant less time on the paper trail and more time on the heritage trail

The Challenge

Move from paper to technology.

The Office of Public Works (OPW) is an Irish government Department that maintains Ireland’s most iconic heritage properties. The existing paper auditing system was wasting time and frustrating staff. With a continuous need to maintain their vast portfolio, the OPW required an auditing system that would digitise their already existing paper audit and enable them to examine the internal and external conditions of a building. The current paper system caused numerous problems, including the amount of time it took to take and attach necessary accompanying photos and send the reports to relevant staff.

The Solution

Specialists focusing on their role - not admin

Digitising the paper system freed them up to focus on the more important. The OPW’s highly skilled engineering and architectural specialists were devoting too much time to administration rather than being out in the field. After contacting ECAT, our support team got to work and digitised their audit. Not only would our system save them time while completing the audit, now there would be no need to go back to the office to attach accompanying photos or extra notes.

The Results

A happier, more efficient workforce.

Not only were OPW’s auditors happy but the office staff were delighted too. Now they could run a variety of reports whether they were looking at a specific building or a region.

Completing the audit on ECAT meant that they could access data on potential forthcoming works, which helped them make plans for the future.