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Reviews, checks, audits and inspections have never been Easier, Faster, Smarter!

Digitised audit and inspection checklists, reports and analytics all from your mobile device or desktop.

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ecat software for auditing digitised checklists

Digitised Checklists

Go paperless and ditch print outs, clipboards and pens, and heavy Excel spreadsheets. Send us your current checklists and we will set you up in no time so that you can start cutting time immediately.

Transparent Reporting

Given the right information to the right person at a click of a button, or better still automate it! ECAT makes it possible for all your stakeholders to stay up-to-date by granting them access or sending them the drillable reports they need. Collation of the data is automated so no more assembling scattered reports.
ecat software for auditing transparent reporting
ecat software for auditing follow ups

Follow-ups Made Easy

Schedule and assign observations and corrective actions to the right people in and outside your company. No more back-and-forth emails to inform and get information from the right stakeholders.

Multiple Locations and Sites

With ECATs, automation comparing results from multiple locations and sites isn’t a problem; filter by the entity you are looking for and start making smart data-based decisions easily.
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ecat software for auditing attachments

Pictures and Attachments

Aa the age-old adage goes: a picture is worth a thousand words. With a couple of clicks you can add pictures and attachments to your observations.

Single and Multiple Answer Types

Save time by having default answers, single or multiple choice and keep answers valuable by having open text observations.
ecat software for auditing multiple answer types
ecat software for auditing live dashboard

Live Dashboard

ECAT will automatically update when a review, checklist, audit or inspection is submitted, so you get an overview right away. This allows you to make smart decisions on what areas, locations and sites to prioritise in your organisation.

Your Review Structured to Your Needs

ECATs flexibility means you can group question with sections, add help texts and images to guide the end-user, add quick observations to speed up the highlighting of common defects, and much more.
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ecat software for auditing integrations


Our products support a wide range of integrations. Do you want to connect your data streams to your preferred Business Information System? Something else? Contact us and let’s discuss your needs.

And more

ECAT has a lot more features, this is it in its simplest form – talk to us today to discuss your needs.