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Danone Case Study

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Digitising audits is the last line of
defence in the manufacture of baby food

The Challenge

Moving from paper to digital while maintaining the last line of defence.
Danone Wexford is one of the biggest manufacturing plants in the Danone specialised nutrition network. The plant manufactures high-quality formula milk 24/7 and is a centre of excellence for packaging capabilities. It is Europe's largest infant formula packing plant and sustainably produces well-known brands that are exported to over 50 countries.

As part of the company's drive to go digital, there was a desire to replace paper checks on the production lines with a digital, paperless solution.

The Solution

The key parameters
Danone needed the digital solution to:

The Results

Traceability is more robust, more accurate input and hugely time-saving.

“A slow and steady implementation began on one production line, and we knew it was going well when other lines started asking when it was going to be brought to them. As part of the implementation, ECAT provided training at times to suit the 24/7 nature of our production lines and we knew the system had truly been adopted when the operatives, without any tech experience, became the biggest users and advocates. 

ECAT has had a massive impact on productivity in many ways, from the introduction of a time stamp, to a saving of at least an hour a day per shift and an increase in the quality of data captured. The searchability of ECAT means that document retrieval takes seconds instead of a physical visit to our off-site paper-based. 

As well as saving on storage space, the removal of paper from the factory is helping Danone to meet it’s net carbon emission targets. The biggest win to date has been the integration of a barcode scanner to record the pallet cards, the operatives are very happy the no longer have to write or type the 51-digit number!

ECAT has digitised our paper-based checks and the benefits of this user-friendly system are still being realised. We know it has made our traceability more robust but we also know the journey has just begun and that we will work together with ECAT to keep on improving and ensure everything that leaves the factory is 100% right.” 

Richard Browne, Performance Specialist, Danone