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Use Case: Revolutionising ESG Standards in Facilities Management through Digital Transformation

ECAT collaborated with JPC by Samsic, an award-winning cleaning services delivery company, to pioneer an industry-first approach to addressing ESG challenges. Darragh Herd, ECAT’s Head of Sales, worked closely with Luke Johnson, JPC by Samsic’s Head of Health and Safety, to tackle their sustainable governance, chemical handling, wellbeing, and environmental impact.

Once the ECAT team understood the requirements, we could use the agility of the ECAT system to improve the ESG issues in JPC by Samic by driving governance, reporting, and documenting COSHH files. Together, we could eradicate them using 10,000 sheets of paper on COSHH for their cleaning delivery in London alone. To put this into context, that is 240 physical COSHH files. By digitising their COSHH, not only have we helped them to create a new best practice for their industry, but due to the files being digital, JPC by Samsic can also pre-communicate with the public services such as the fire brigade and ambulance to send them information about files on site before they reach their premises. Together, we have increased the social well-being of their staff through stricter protection and handling of chemicals. Lastly, going digital meant they could be more attentive in monitoring product usage to a level that paper auditing could not provide, and subsequently, they have been able to make a 92% reduction in unnecessary chemicals on site.

JPC by Samsic knew that time efficiency would be one of the benefits, but they were curious to find out how much had been saved, so they conducted a time-saved analysis.

Participants were asked to source a specific chemical COSHH sheet at random using the two formats (ECAT & Physical File), each in a different scenario; times were taken and averaged. Using ECAT, pre-synced data took, on average, under 12 seconds, compared with 33 seconds with the physical file in front of them and up to 7 minutes if they had to go to and locate the file.

The results have demonstrated time savings for employees checking COSHH data files, which can be critical in an emergency involving chemicals or environmental spills.

In conclusion, together with JPC by Samsic we have created a Health and Safety best practice that revolutionises ESG standards for the cleaning industry and beyond. The partnership has tackled sustainable governance through chemical, wellbeing, communication and environmental reductions.

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