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Darragh Herd

Our goal is to assist organisations in obtaining an immediate, precise, and comprehensive overview of their processes, allowing for more effective management of their operations. This empowers them to reduce expenses, enhance compliance, fortify operations, and gain a competitive advantage. We are thrilled to report that ECAT is currently achieving this goal worldwide, serving thousands of locations across various industries.

Darragh Herd, Head of Sales, ECAT

A bit about Darragh


Head of Sales
Darragh is ECAT’s Client Development Manager. With his background in customer service and research and development, he has a unique knack for weaving the perfect solution out of ECAT for any business. He is passionate about helping new and existing customers to get the very most out of the ECAT tool. Don’t let his love of an organised spreadsheet fool you, he enjoys the outdoors and has trekked from Cuba down to Argentina capturing some amazing photos along the way!

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