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ECAT Achieves ISO/IEC 27001:2017

ecat iso certified

It’s time to celebrate; we are ISO 27001 Certified!


For those who don’t know, ISO/IEC 27001 is the international standard for information security. It sets out the specification for an effective information security management system, outlining best-practice for organisations to manage their information security by addressing people, processes and technology.

Certified v Compliance


We’ve always followed the processes and been compliant, but now we are certified. We are celebrating that an independent auditor has confirmed we do indeed walk our talk!

How difficult was it to become ISO 27001 certified?


There was nothing inherently difficult because we were already practising good information security. We don’t mind admitting that the ISO framework has helped us recognise the good work we are already doing and identify ways to keep improving.

What difference does it make to you?


Quite frankly – none! But it does reassure you that you can trust us to manage your valuable third-party information assets/data and intellectual property.

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27001.81 Electronic Compliance Audit Tools Ltd IQNET Cert 2023

27001.81 Electronic Compliance Audit Tools Ltd NSAI Cert 2023