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Francis Lyons

We aim to help organisations get an instant, accurate and complete picture of their processes and better manage their operations – precisely. Enabling them to cut costs, improve compliance, strengthen operations and gain a competitive edge. Today, we’re delighted that ECAT is precisely doing this, around the globe, at 1,000s of locations, for a wide range of industries.

Francis Lyons, CEO, ECAT

A bit about Francis


Co-Founder and CEO
Francis is ECAT’s CEO, a true gentleman who leads by example. ECAT was born from a combination of a desire for less hassle and more time efficiency, entrepreneurship, and a conversation with his friend Colm. Since then, he has revolutionised organisations by introducing them to an easier, faster, and better approach to process validation and auditing. Francis is a family man who enjoys socialising with friends and family and uses running to work off the aftereffects! In his spare time, he likes to help, and if he is not on his family’s farm, you will likely find him coaching the local rugby team. We are just not sure if that is to get out of the shopping!

Contact Details:

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Mobile: +353 86 2599413

HQ:+353 1 270 8701
UK enquiries: +44800 066 8921
USA enquiries: +1855 458 7252

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