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Olaf Postola

Our objective is to assist organisations in obtaining a quick, precise, and comprehensive overview of their operations, leading to enhanced operational management. This empowers them to reduce expenses, enhance compliance, fortify their operations, and attain a competitive advantage. We are pleased to announce that ECAT is currently achieving this goal worldwide, spanning thousands of locations across various industries.

Olaf Postola, Customer Support Executive, ECAT

A bit about Olaf


Customer Support Executive

Olaf is ECAT’s Customer Support Executive. With his background in Biological Chemistry, Audit & Risk and Student Support, he loves finding solutions for our customers and is happy to be challenged with a problem to overcome. He likes to partner with our customers and really enjoys exploring the best solutions for our customers and aims to give the best user experience possible. He enjoys working with people and building good relationships to offer a bespoke personal service. In his spare time, he can be found working on his cars (standing holding a torch watching his more technical friends do the work), or out on a hike in the middle of nowhere in the Scottish Highlands.

Contact Details:

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Mobile: +44 752 2559891

HQ:+3531 270 8701
UK enquiries: :+44800 066 8921
USA enquiries: +1855 458 7252

Rathcool, Ratoath,
Co. Meath, Ireland