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Keep your logistics and transport business moving safely and efficiently

Conduct seamless reviews within your transport and logistics business to bring transparency and collaboration to your field operations with ECATs mobile inspections and reporting platform.

Read how Penske benefitted from making the switch to ECAT.

50,000 reviews a year at over 700 locations with n0 headaches.

Penske moved to ECAT automated audit management software. ECAT tracks 2000+ multiple tasks with 250+ users for faster performance management & advanced reporting.

Global transport giant, Penske moved from paper to technology-based audits with ECAT to conduct audits across 700+ locations.

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Find out how ECAT audit software can benefit your business.

The team at ECAT know you need your business to run in an efficient manner in order to deliver your service without fuss. ECAT audit software and app take the strain out of reporting, 

ECAT audit efficiency starts here…

Would you Like Efficient Fleet Reviews?

Have up to 5x faster inspections with ECAT’s electronic compliance action tool that will allow you to collect data in real-time, multiple times a day from thousands of employees across hundreds of locations, ensuring you have the highest safety and quality standards with the least hassle.

Would you Like to Resolve Issues Quicker and Keep It Moving?

Transform your process from slow, retrospective reporting functions to an instant, highly automated, transparent performance management function with ECAT.

No more fiddly paper forms or Excel checklists – mobile devices are in everyone’s pocket. Easily embed reviews and inspections in your team’s workday. Empower them to know what good looks like and spot and report issues.   Something wrong? Immediately assign an action to the right person and keeping track it in the dashboard.

Would you Like Effective Supply Chain Communication?

Speed up decision making by letting the right people act on issues in real-time like your organisation has no hierarchy. ECAT’s automation means the information can seamlessly flow between your people and your suppliers. Tailored access levels mean your suppliers can receive the tasks/orders they need to action, ensuring your fleet is kept moving.

Would You Like to Move From Periodic Reporting To Real-Time Analytics?

Replace the reactive backward focused snapshot reporting with real-time live tracking information direct to you via your desktop or mobile device. Stay on the pulse and continually adjust your safety and quality processes with our powerful analytics. We can also help you connect the data streams to your preferred Business Information System.

Would You Like Easy Implementation, Ongoing Support and Development?

The flexibility of ECAT and expertise of our team means we can digitise your reviews, checks, inspections and audits in no time at all. This means your ECAT platform will be setup and ready to go before you know it! ECAT is easy and intuitive to use, so little or no training is required. Our support is second to none. From set up to your ongoing needs, we configure it all at no extra cost. We work with you to understand your requirements so that you don’t have to go it alone. We know that as you grow, you will need a system and support team that will learn and grow with you; that is why we provide unrivalled continuous support.

Would You Like to Continually Improve Your Service Delivery?

ECAT is designed to help you learn from errors collectively and transparently. You can investigate underlying root causes and diffuse understanding and best practices. Let us help you take the last push towards more accurate data-based decision making.

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Colm Farrell Health & Safety Manager, Tesco

Decisions are now based on detailed, real time information. Before we either didn’t manage to record this data or it was inaccessible.

Martha Aoe Account Director, Sodexo

Some of our key issues were cost of entry, ease of use, minimal training requirement, quality tech support and the ability to deal with multiple and varied audit processes across a wide range of client sites. ECAT allowed our staff to take control of the system and make it their own.

Raymond Coyle CEO, Largo Food

Immediate, very significant benefits for us. We couldn’t have dreamed up a solution that would better fit our needs. It’s remarkable how much work the system does for us.