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182 Hours Saved!


Here at ECAT we can boldly say “our support is second to none”, and our Client Development Manager, Darragh Herd, is here to explain how.

When asked what the key ingredient is in providing the highest level of support, Darragh simply replied, “understanding!”.

“Understanding our clients’ processes and KPI’s means we can make suggestions that will save them time and money.

“As an example, while on-site with one of our food manufacturing clients, we reviewed how ECAT is working on the production floor for the operators, as they are the end users. One year earlier we created a bespoke module that digitised their process which used sheets of A3 paper across multiple production lines to log their processes. Over the past year, staff have seen several efficiency gains in time and quality when capturing the data, as well as improved analytics”.

We spoke with one of the operators who logs data every 30 minutes of their 12 hour shift, as we were curious to know how they found this new way of working and if there was anything further we could do to assist them in their job.

During our conversation they were due to complete one of their checks. Not only was it great to see the speed at which they could navigate and log the information, it also triggered an annoyance they hadn’t paid much attention to prior to our visit. Each time the operator saved information a pop-up message would appear on screen for 2 seconds to confirm it was saved. This was a request built in when the process was first digitised and wasn’t an issue at the beginning as operators were still getting familiar with the technology and were not completing the checks at the speed they do now.

The pop-up message appeared over the area they needed to action next and prevented them from moving on until it disappeared. When considering all of the checks required throughout a shift, this pop-up time could cost 5+ minutes per shift per manufacturing line.

Over the course of 24 hours on 3 manufacturing lines, this single process would add up to 30 minutes per day or 182 hours a year. We have now removed the pop-up and given them this time back.
This reiterates the importance of visiting clients to see their processes and how we can go the extra mile to ensure we optimise their way of working to the max.

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