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Save Time & Money in your Transport & Logistics Business

Save Time & Money in your Transport and Logistics Business


Fleet Management – streamline your vehicle and facility checks with a fleet management app

Fleet managers, supervisors and drivers all have a role to play in maintaining health and safety conditions in warehouses and offices. To ensure compliance, transport and logistics companies usually have a system of checks and inspections, which are still often completed using pen and paper, making it an admin hassle, time-consuming and difficult to track later.

Go Digital! Digitise your inspections with ECATs fleet management and facilities app for transport and logistics

We know the hassle of finding, printing and completing the correct forms – where is a pen when you need one! Then comes the time-consuming process of typing them up to submit them. All this means that checks may not always be completed or are not documented properly, bringing proof of compliance headaches later down the line. Since everyone has a mobile phone in their pocket, an intuitive and straightforward inspection app is the most user-friendly and efficient way to conduct such checks.

The ECAT fleet management app for transport and logistics digitises traditional pen and paper-based checks. It will ensure your vehicles are kept roadworthy and compliant with DVSA or RSA regulations and help you to keep pace with the stricter compliance requirements prompted by new government policy. It is your number one choice for all fleet, transport, vehicles and logistics pre-use checks and pre/post-hire checks on company vehicles. Help each of your drivers and operators take responsibility for their safety. Let them conduct the checks to ensure their vehicle or machine is up to standard and safe to use by scheduling frequent inspections that they can do on any device. Give them an easy way to report issues via photos or videos and automate the corrective action approval sign-off process. Digitising this process can help keep your fleet moving, prevent unplanned breakdowns, and save you time and money.

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This straightforward inspection app can also digitise your facility management checks. It will help you keep your facilities safe and compliant with HSE regulations. Use it to complete general safety inspections such as warehouse walk-throughs or ad hoc incidents – make it easy for your team to document and record evidence immediately.

ECAT tracks action

The ECAT platform is straightforward and user-friendly. The app makes it easy to go through all the checkpoints, attach evidence photos or videos and add comments. Making it easy for your drivers and staff to capture the data will increase your compliance and audit responsiveness. Click here to read the success story of Penske: this global transportation operator made a 60% time/cost saving on their overall audit process.


Transport and Logistics Inspections

ECAT is a very flexible and customisable solution that we tailor to your needs to ensure you maximise your ROI; it can be used to perform any of the following checks and many more:

  • Daily vehicle driver checks – walkarounds
  • Fleet management inspections: vehicle condition
  • Driver assessments
  • Light vehicle safety inspections
  • HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) inspections
  • LGV (Long Goods Vehicle) driver checks
  • Road freight transport checks
  • Bus and Coach first user checks
  • Van checks
  • ISO certification checks for transport operators; such as ISO 9001 Quality certification, ISO 14001 Environmental and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety
  • Pre/Post Hire vehicle checks
  • General health & safety audit
  • Incident, injury or accident logging and reporting
  • Warehouse safety and hygiene reviews
  • Facility safety walk, including fire safety and hazardous material storage
  • Forklift and other material handling equipment (MHE) operating checks
  • Cargo or container inspections
  • Cleaning inspection logs: building or vehicle

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