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NFC Tags and ECAT – a marriage for next-gen audits today!

nft tags ecat electronic compliance audit tools

NFC Tags and ECAT – a marriage for next-gen audits today!

ECAT has allowed organisations to take control of audits and remove the challenges of paper-based auditing. When we marry it with NFC tags we truly have next-gen audits today. Read on to see our top 5 applications to date:

Business: Sanitisation checks and psychological safety
As businesses began to re-open, following the pandemic, they wanted to do so safely. ECAT was able to help businesses not only stay compliant and stay physically safe with sanitisation checks, but it also provided psychological safety to employees.

Using ECAT in combination with NFC tags, we can provide and display real-time information at the point of service delivery. The next time a staff member uses a meeting room, they can see the last time the area has been sanitised, giving them the peace of mind, they need.

Facilities Managers can also have peace of mind because no matter how large the facility is, they can also see when the last check has been done through the real-time dashboard, at their desk or on the move via any device.

Hospitals: Proof of cleaning and legionnaires testing
Now more than ever, our hospitals need precise processes that drive operational control and help them know what has been cleaned and what needs to be cleaned. In combination with ECAT, NFC tags are playing an important role in monitoring the turn-over of beds. When a bed has been turned over, the cleaner will scan the NFC tag to confirm the job has been done. The real-time dashboard allows ward management to be confident their ward is adhering to their all-important standards and keeping patients safe.

We don’t hear much about legionnaires these days, and with good reason. Did you know that the protocol when testing for legionnaires is to run the hot water for 3 minutes and then the cold water for 3 minutes? To keep the legionella bacteria under control regular checks, need to be conducted. NFC tags are placed at the sink outlets as proof of presence, allowing the hospital to track which sinks have or have not been tested via the ECAT dashboard.

Banks: Proof of physical document delivery
Banks often have a requirement to share important physical documents between branches. As you can imagine having a real-time tracking solution is appealing. So, we added this functionality to the ECAT platform, allowing our customers to see what they need to see all in one place from the ECAT dashboard. The solution includes placing an NFC tag in each branch’s reception area and on each document sack. The internal courier then scans to signal that the document sack has left the original branch and then scans again once it arrives at the receiving branch. The information is then sent to the ECAT dashboard allowing the documents to be tracked in real-time.

PAT Testing: Proof of compliance
As part of keeping electrical machinery and equipment safe to use, companies are required to inspect each item routinely. This is where ECAT and NFC tags provide a smart solution. NFC tags are placed on each machine so that when they are scanned, a list of questions connected to the item will appear and allow the PAT test to be confirmed as completed or flag any necessary maintenance. All this can be tracked in the ECAT dashboard and alerts set to enable companies to streamline their inspection routines.

Security Patrols: Lone worker safety
A major concern for security patrol operators is the safety of their workers, particularly their lone workers. With the additional functionality NFC tags provide, a control room can monitor the patrol’s progress. The ECAT dashboard will update in real-time so that if an NFC tag is not scanned when expected, the monitor can see if this is due to an issue that has been flagged on route or if the alarm needs to be raised for the safety of the patrol officer.

Enhance your Audit experience with ECAT

With the combination of latest technologies and our audit management software ECAT, it is easy to enhance and reshape audits, making them deeper, more consistent and more accurate. By driving unprecedented speed and impact for processes, ECAT combined with NFC tags helps to drive efficiencies, streamline workflow, reduce manual errors and save time and efforts.

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By combining the latest technologies with our audit-management software ECAT, it is easy to enhance and reshape audits to meet the organisations needs. Our teams expertise means we can make your audits more consistent and more accurate. ECAT combined with NFC tags helps to drive efficiencies, streamline workflow, reduce manual errors and save time and efforts.

Get in touch with us today to find out how you can use NFC tags and ECAT in your business.