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Why Facility Managers Should Look to the Future with Smart Audits

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Why Facility Managers should look to the future and make a move to smart audits

Audits, checks and reviews are the bane of many facility managers working day. Why? Because they are only a part of their job and a part that can take up a lot of time! Still, they are crucial for all facility managers, especially those that operate to tight regulations and standards and want to show they deliver to agreed service levels.

The pain of paper-based audits, manual errors, and obsolete technology can be excruciating. Facility service companies of all sizes are facing a constant need to meet cumbersome regulations and upgrade their processes to ensure compliance. 

Many facility services companies continue to try to make do with inflexible or limited technology. Many will often attempt to implement a custom technology solution or stick with paper, and some may chance it and not audit at all! It is no surprise that audits are a particular source of anxiety for many companies.

We all know that change can be challenging, and it is often easier to stick with the status quo after all the status quo has worked so far, hasn’t it? When answering that question, facility managers need to ask themselves:

  • How easy is it for me to show my client I am meeting the agreed service levels?
  • Can I easily access the data to push back if my client has an objection?
  • What does it cost me if my clients aren’t happy?

Now is the time for facility services companies to look to the future with a smart audit software solution. A smart solution will remove the stress of auditing and deliver tangible benefits that go way beyond eliminating large piles of paperwork.

Audit faster and save precious time…

Audits and reviews involve a lot of preparation. Finding the right paperwork and making checks beforehand can help reduce the risk of non-conformities arising, but it is a tedious and time-consuming process.

By embracing smart audit software technology, you remove the need to complete lengthy paperwork and instead have a streamlined digitised process with all the essential information ready at the touch of a button. 

Smart audit software should be easy to set up, easy to use and easy to manage and be backed by a team of experts who help you get your account set up. After all, you want to be up and running and be able to immediately begin creating and rolling out your checklists and reviews. Here at ECAT, we know those facility management companies that use smart audit software backed by an expert support team save up to 60% of audit time!

Audits made easy…

Embracing audit technology means you can do away with paper audits that limit you to writing notes or completing a checklist. No more pages of hand-written notes; the entire audit process is simplified, with the capacity for human error and bias removed. Smart audit software should give you the ability to capture real-time evidence and attach all the relevant proof so that you’ll have everything you need in one place, in black and white. 

A smart solution will mean there’s no need to install any specialist software or hardware or lean on a large team of IT experts. A smart cloud-based audit application will be available everywhere, anytime and have an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use, ultimately making it easier to conduct safety, hygiene, food or quality reviews. 

Facility management service companies can discover deeper insights into their procedures than ever before, helping them to eliminate inconsistencies and operational failures and achieve better regulatory compliance. At ECAT, we have seen companies that get on board with smart audit software have their operational efficiency streamlined by up to 30%.

Embrace automation and work smarter…

As the rules for business change, don’t you think audit tools should also change? They should enable you to meet expectations, obtain accurate and relevant data and maximise your resources.  

More and more companies are now leveraging the benefits of smart audits that can be delivered in real-time and in a scalable manner, helping them gain that competitive edge. 

Complex processes are made simple and critical insights are delivered to make well-informed decisions for senior management. Every business desires to strengthen every aspect of its operation to create an impenetrable safety guard in today’s complex environment. 

Smart businesses don’t just perform checks and reviews as a box-checking exercise. Of course, they are always looking to meet ever-evolving standards. Still, they will also use continuous auditing as a vital monitoring tool to highlight any issues and areas for improvement.

Save time, money and gain a competitive edge!

Here at ECAT, we know our smart audit software is the ideal solution for facility management companies of all sizes. With unerring precision, ECAT makes audit procedures more comprehensive. You can rely on our solution to identify potential risks, trends and process frailties so that nothing falls through the cracks. 

All the evidence gathered is streamed live to your ECAT dashboards, saving you the pain of duplicating your effort and saving you hours and hours of your precious time. 

By embracing ECAT’s audit software, you’ll be working smarter. Not only will our team of experts support you, but you’ll be letting the technology do most of the work.

Whether conducting cleaning & sanitisation checks, security patrols, equipment & asset maintenance or construction progress and snagging, ECAT can increase efficiency while saving time and money. What business could reject that?

So if you’re looking for a smart solution that will give you a detailed, clear picture of the status of your business, then get in touch with us to schedule a tailored demo. Our team will take you through the details and showcase how ECAT can help you make auditing easier, faster and smarter.

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