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Enhancing facilities management with compliance tech and altitude reporting

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When it comes to facilities management, staying on top of compliance and ensuring regular, consistent reporting is essential. But one of the lesser-known benefits that’s proving to be a gamer-changer and catapulting facilities management into the future, is tech-enabled altitude reporting.

This innovative solution combines electronic reporting, with real-time monitoring and analysis, enabling facilities managers to effectively track and manage compliance across various aspects of their operations. In our latest blog, ECAT CEO Francis Lyons explores this innovative concept and explains how ECAT can help your business gain a competitive advantage.

Compliance tech in facilities management

Compliance tech plays a critical role in facilities management by providing a comprehensive and centralised platform for consistent monitoring, managing, and reporting on compliance-related activities. With the ability to capture and analyse data from various sources, including user-added information, NFC sensors, training records, and safety inspections, compliance tech empowers facilities managers to proactively address compliance issues and streamline operations. Indeed, data demonstrates that electronic compliance and action tools can save around 60% review time and increase operational efficiency by 30%.

Introducing altitude reporting

One of the key features of compliance tech is the ability to automate compliance reporting. In days gone by, data would be manually updated, often from disparate sources, and reports would be prone to error and delay. But thanks to compliance tech, real-time data allows for the immediate identification of non-compliance issues, enabling swift remedial action and preventing potential risks. And with compliance tech firmly embedded, organisations can use accurate and up-to-date information to identify potential ‘hotspots’ and improve performance.

This is called altitude reporting and it’s achieved by analysing historical data to identify key trends, which facilities managers can further investigate to understand the root-causes of any problem and introduce corrective actions. This type of altitude reporting is also valuable for identifying areas of excellence and replicating best practice examples in other areas, thereby improving overall performance and satisfaction.

The benefits of altitude reporting

Altitude reporting improves regulatory compliance by providing a systematic approach to monitoring and tracking compliance requirements. By automating compliance reporting and streamlining data management, facilities managers can better allocate leading to increased efficiency and cost savings. Furthermore, real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities enable facilities managers to identify potential hazards and address them before they escalate into critical incidents.

And, with a greater understanding of hot spots and opportunities for improvement, facilities managers can better manage resources and deliver for customers and end-users, ensuring higher levels of service and business continuity.

Altitude reporting – a case study

End-users have been complaining about the cleanliness of a particular washroom. Using altitude reporting, the facilities manager can see that the washroom in question is nearby a busy meeting room. By changing the cleaning schedule, the facilities manager can ensure cleaning teams are more regularly deployed to the busiest washroom at the most appropriate times, ensuring resources are used more appropriately and end-users are happier with the service they receive.

Let ECAT help you

The world of compliance tech is rapidly evolving, with continuous advancements, innovations, and the application of best practice. When used correctly, compliance tech can streamline facilities management operations, increase efficiency, and ultimately deliver better outcomes.

When you partner with ECAT, we’ll assess your compliance needs, help you plan for integration, train your team, and provide ongoing service and support. That’s why, increasingly, companies are turning to us – and how we’re helping to elevate their facilities management provision.

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