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ECAT’s Innovative Approach to People-Centred Compliance and Action

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ECAT’s journey began over a decade ago with a simple goal: to eliminate clipboards, reduce paper, and streamline manual data entry. Yet, it has evolved into a powerful force for empowering individuals to excel in their roles while enabling profound cultural shifts in partnering organisations. In our latest blog, we’ll look at how ECAT’s innovative approach to people-centred compliance and action is ensuring an exceptional experience for employees, customers, and brand reputation alike.

In days gone by, compliance was often used as a metaphorical stick to beat people with. Today, ECAT’s people-focused compliance tool is empowering users to record and share the fantastic job they’ve done, and their ideas for improvement. That means ECAT is enabling users to feel better about their work, managers to make better, more informed decisions, and customers to reap the benefits.

Hear from Co-Founder and CEO Francis Lyons:

Francis said, “ECAT offers an exceptionally user-friendly front-end, ensuring that companies and their employees can efficiently record what they need and want. Users can take pride in their work and become proactive contributors to ongoing excellence, helping them to feel more visible and valued. With the click of a button, comparable performance data can be automated and shared in real-time, accurately and consistently. That helps managers to make better, more informed decisions for their people and customers.”

That kind of empowerment fosters a sense of value among users, improving engagement and feeding into organisational culture. Francis added, “ECAT is helping to enable a culture of compliance within organisations it partners with. Users can proudly demonstrate their accomplishments, while managers can verify that work was conducted to the highest standards.”

Hear from our Customers

Mount Charles is an award-winning facilities management support service provider specialising in catering, cleaning, vending, events and security services. They wanted to tackle their manual processes and spreadsheets and move away from the glut of paper. Director of Information Technology Rorie McBride said, “Implementing ECAT has been a simple process, and it has been easier to get operatives to do what they need to do, and anything that makes people’s lives easier is good.” Read the full Mount Charles case study.

Danone Wexford is Europe’s largest infant formula packing plant and sustainably produces well-known brands that are exported to over 50 countries. Performance Specialist Richard Browne said, “We knew it was going well when other lines started asking when it was going to be brought to them… We knew the system had truly been adopted when the operatives, without any tech experience, became the biggest users and advocates.” Read the full Danone case study.

Let ECAT Help You

Selecting the right compliance tool can be tricky, demanding meticulous planning and consideration. The ideal tool must effortlessly handle requirements, offer simplicity, enhance a company’s reputation, and be considerate of the ‘bottom line’.

ECAT is a people-first adaptable system that provides compliance assurance to stakeholders, while empowering teams to succeed. It was used in more than 15-million audits last year (2022), saving ECAT clients up to 60 per cent more time and increasing operational efficiency by 30 per cent.
Our team is committed to helping you maximise the functionality of our adaptable people-focused system. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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